Who Is Going To Beat deadmau5' Ass First?


Who Is Going To Beat deadmau5' Ass First?

So we figured we'd take advantage of deadmau5' "cooling off" on twitter to ask you all a question, who is going to beat deadmau5' ass first?

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Yes, we all know about his antics on social media. This has earned him the title of the "king of trolls'. The problem is at one point those that hath been trollethed may want a little revenge, and sometimes that cometh in the form of an ass beating.

Don't get it twisted, we are strong proponents of non-violence and kumbaya and shit, but we also are aware that sometimes just talking about things can really help reduce the threat of actual violence. At least that's what we learned today in court ordered therapy.

So let the bad feelings get channeled through your inner power animal, and feel the power of vote.

P.S.Joel, we just did this to get your attention cause we don't like it when you're gone. We already miss you. Come back to us. super sad face right now...

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