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Amazing Music Suggestion! 'Architect & Waves' Compilation from Om Records


Om Records 'Architect & Waves' Compilation

You know them and love them, Om Records is back with a bold compilation that is forward thinking and an exploration. After a yearlong A&R pursuit, Om Records is proud to present to you their well curated and awesomely innovative 'Architects & Waves'.

The compilation features 16 new and unreleased tracks recorded exclusively for the project. The compilation as a whole travels and intimately embraces the intersections of indie, chill-wave, minimal, down-tempo and disco. It has it all and it is all refined and the highest quality; exactly what you would come to expect from such a strong and consistent San Francisco label.

I can't sing enough praises of this label's work. There is a depth, there is grace, there is cutting edge style. Be forewarned, you will be inspired, and the inspiration will take you for miles and miles either inward or outward. Now, it's not all thought provoking or emotionally moving, I assure you there is plenty of dancing to be done, but the depth of these selections are what really strike you. It is a work that needs to be listened to from start to finish, but if you aren't already sold, here are my top three favorites from the compilation to help you make up your mind that you need this in your life!

And the compilation is available on iTunes right now

Days of May - So Far From Salvation (Shiny Objects Rework)

The biggest and brightest discovery I took away is Shiny Objects, a talent that grabbed my interest and still hasn't let go. Days of May is the live band featuring Andy Cato from Groove Armada on vocals, and Shiny Objects takes the track in his own unique direction. It's dreamy and heartfelt, and there is a wonderfully massive surprise that will attack you at the 5:51 mark, if you're a major downtempo lover, you'll get it...

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DJ Tennis & Kidhead - The Last Page

DJ Tennis, if you aren't in the know, is the founder of the impressive and artistically credible Life and Death, and he got together with Kidhead of Pillowtalk to make something that is magical. You will go some place with this tune, it will probably vary person to person, but it's an excellent place, that much I know is objectively true.

Groove Armada - Come On Go Out

Groove Armada needs no introduction, they just need your undivided attention. They have a deep house masterpiece that you are going to be hearing for awhile, and thank god it fits perfectly in this over the top impressive compilation!

Buy the compilation on iTunes

As it's always a good thing to have a little taste before you dive in and order the whole thing, here is the playlist on YouTube for your consideration. To be honest, not much to consider, this is a must have compilation that's going to be in your repertoire for years to come!

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