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Magnetic Magazine's Ibiza Report


There is nowhere else on the planet where you will get the same level of exposure to dance music than in Ibiza.  Some may argue that Vegas is the dance music capital now because it brings in more money or some may say that Berlin is the capital because the music is more cutting edge and the clubs are way cooler.  However, I believe that Ibiza is and always has been the dance music mecca for many different reasons and I hope that the words and pictures illustrated below demonstrate why it is the epicenter of dance music.

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Float Your Boat  - Carl Cox Official Boat Party (9/16/2014)

There's no other way to start your Ibiza vacation than with a boat party!  As soon as I dropped my bags at the hotel, I took the trek over the hill to infamous San Antonio in order to experience the Float Your Boat party.  The boat party featured the sounds of Ibiza house music stalwart, Jason Bye & Intec alum, Jon Rundell.  Jason Bye started the boat ride going with a fine set of garage inspired deep house that everyone on board had no problem grooving to.  Next up, Jon Rundell took over mixing duties for a proper sunset set that featured a little bit of old and new.  As the boat prepared to sail back to the port, Jon Rundell dropped classics like Liquid's "Sweet Harmony" & New Order's "Blue Monday" and from that point on all was right in the world.


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Suara Closing Party @ Booom! Ibiza (9/17/2014)

Into my 2nd day on the island, my jet-lag had finally worn off so here I was ready to jump into my first night out in Ibiza and boy was there a tricky selection of club nights to pick from.  Plagued with this first-world dilemma, I decided to go with Suara's closing party at Booom!

On their 16th & final night, they brought out the big guns and it turned out to be a nice reflection of the variation of sounds that the Suara camp generally offers.  The musical maestros for the evening in order of appearance were AFFKT, Tube & Berger, Nathan Barato, Coyu, Noir, & to close the night, Adrian Hour.  From the funkiness of Tube & Berger to the energized tech-house of Nathan Barato to the razor sharp mixing from Noir, they all played equally impressive sets that managed to seamlessly blend into each.  Some highlighted tunes from the evening were Koze's remix of Bad Kingdom, Tube & Berger's "Imprint Of Pleasure", Coyu's "Profound Pleasure", & the peak of the evening seemed to be when Noir expertly dropped Alan Fitzpatrick's remix of  "I Want You".

Start planning your Ibiza vacation for next year and make sure you visit Coyu & his Suara night as they will most likely be back for more Kitty madness on a Wednesday night.




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Diynamic Outdoor @ Destino (9/18/2014)

Before this season, I only had one good reason to go to Talamanca and that was to go to the famous hard to find Chiringuito dubbed "The Fish Shack" which serves the best fish on the island.  However, this year I had two reasons to head up that way and that is because Solomun and his Diynamic family set up an awesome outdoor weekly party at Pacha's Destino hotel.

So after filling up at The Fish Shack, I headed over to Destino just in time to catch Adriatique's late afternoon/early evening two and a half hour set.  The vibe was understandably rather relaxed towards the beginning of their set but once the sun started to set, everybody was down on the floor dancing to the smooth tech-house tunes of Adriatique.


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ENTER. @ Space Ibiza (9/18/2014)

Arriving early is a must if you ever go to Enter at Space Ibiza because one of the headlining DJs always plays a special opening set in the Sake bar.  If you're there early enough, you may even be fortunate enough to have Richie Hawtin personally serve you one of his signature cocktails.

On this extremely warm Ibiza evening on the last Thursday of the Summer, I was treated to the one of the finest nights of music in my history of visiting this dance music mecca.

First up on this mammoth of a night was Maya Jane Coles who opened up the Sake Bar with a 2 hour set!  She properly prepared the Enter. audience for this excellent night by selecting the most cutting edge house music and blending it all together in her smooth signature style.  So after a few delicious Enter. cocktails, a few Enter. sake shots, and two hours of Maya we were now ready to traverse through the corridors of  Space Ibiza for ENTER week 12.

As I carefully pulled myself out of the Sake Bar, I swiftly made my way into the Discoteca (Main Room) for some serious techno courtesy of the techno titan himself, Adam Beyer!  Now instead of Adam rushing into some hard hitting techno for his early set, he methodically played a building set that began with minimal tech-house that slowly made it's way onto a more hard hitting dance floor friendly techno set.

As soon as Adam Beyer's mixing duties were up, it was time for me to head over to the Terrace catch Apollonia's highly anticipated all night set.  Apollonia did what they do best as usual which was throw down an absolutely solid set bumpin' and funkin' house music which consisted of almost all vinyl.  These guys are only getting better with age.

Last but not least on the roster was Enter.'s own master of ceremonies himself, Richie Hawtin.  He captivated the main room with a marathon knob-twiddling charismatic set that put the cherry on top of this fantastic night of electronic music.

ENTER. is without a doubt the best club night in Ibiza if not the world.






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Music On @ Amnesia Ibiza (9/19/2014)

Friday night in Ibiza only means one thing.......Music On at Amnesia!

That's right, one cannot go to Ibiza without witnessing the marvel of Marco Carola's Music On night at Amnesia.  There are few different ingredients to the success of this club night but one cannot pinpoint one reason as to why this night does so damn well.  The sheer spectacle of five thousand ravers dancing well into 10am with blinding bright sunlight piercing through the roof of the covered terrace is a sight to behold.

This particular morning for me started at 4am with Richy Ahmed's first ever perforamance at Amnesia.  He closed out the main room with a blistering high energy garage inspired tech-house set of music that made it very hard for me to leave his set in order to catch the beginning of Marco Carola.  At about 6am as I walked by the entrance to the Amnesia Terrace whispered suggestively in my ear "It sounds REALLY good in there" as she was referring to the monstrous sound of Marco Carola's highly aggressive tech-house set pouring into the main room.

Next up was Marco Carola in the Amnesia Terrace who's unrelenting set of techno continued just past 10am.

What a morning....




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ANTS @ Ushuaia Ibiza (9/20/2014)

As soon as I was able to peel myself off of my bed late Saturday afternoon, I rushed over to the fabled ANTS party at Ushuaia and made it there just in time to catch their resident Andrea Oliva close out the party with a 2 hour set!  For the crowd of nearly five thousand people, he threw down a rousing set of classic house music anthems with a little of the contemporary sprinkled in.  Some tune highlights from Andrea Oliva's warm Saturday evening set included Oxia's "Domino, MANDY's "Body Language", Todd Terry's CLS classic "Can You Feel It", & even what seemed to the absolute peak of an amazing evening, "Born Slippy" by Underworld!  The ANTS camp were even nice enough to post Andrea's set on Soundcloud so I have pasted it in below for your listening pleasure.



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We Love @ Space Ibiza (9/21/2014)

One party I look forward to the most when visiting Ibiza is the We Love party at Space on Sundays.  We Love... is the longest running club night on the island and it used to be a 20 plus hour long event until the local Spanish authorities started cracking down on all day partying.  The party now starts at around 4pm on the Sunset Terrace on Sundays and ends around 7am usually with the main room DJ pushing into the early hours of the morning.

Some of my fondest Ibiza club memories have taken place at We Love... and a couple of those memories include Joris Voorn slaying the Space Terrace and even Aphex Twin destroying the main room with his mindbending IDM!  However, this particular night came up a little short for me as it felt like both the crowd and the DJs were just not 100 percent.  The most anticipated set of the evening for me was that of Sasha's and he never really gave much of a nod to the crowd and he played an all techno set that was far too linear for my taste.  Next up that evening was another highly anticipated set for me and that was the UK deep house duo Dusky who shared a bit more energy with the crowd but by that time about half of the crowd had dispersed to the exits.   Every club has an off night every now and then and I am confident that the next We Love that I attend will surely be a massive one.


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Circo Loco @ DC10 (9/22/2014)

Ibiza is the only place in the world where people actually like Mondays!  Why?? Because Circo Loco happens every Monday @ DC10.

DC10 is a no frills, no-nonsense true underground club because aside from the backstage area for the DJs, there is no VIP area at DC10, there is no bottle service, there is not much lighting aside from the lasers in the main room, and there is no air-conditioning.  To experience house music in its truest form, one must pay a visit to Circo Loco at DC10.



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Cocoon Ibiza at Amnesia (9/22/2014)

This may have not have been the closing party for Cocoon but it was Luciano's final night of "Origins" at Cocoon so the spirit of a closing party was definitely there.  So as soon as I entered the finca, I headed straight to the terrace for Luciano's final "Origins" set.  Luciano had the entire covered terrace dancing nonstop for his entire set but I have to admit that after the first couple hours of him looping the same beat and rarely changing it over the course of his 5 hours plus set that it became rather monotonous.  However, the entire crowd seemed to feel completely different than I since it appeared that not one individual left the place until he was finally done playing at 9:30 am!




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Carl Cox - Music Is Revolution Closing Party (9/23/2014)

The Carl Cox closing party lived up to all it's expectations once again.  With a lineup consisting of Loco Dice, Tini, Yousef, Dj Sneak, & Carl Cox himself, one cannot go wrong.  However, as this is my 4th Carl Cox closing party it has been the exact same lineup and the exact same set times every single year.  Nevertheless, Sneak rocked it out on the terrace & Carl Cox banged it out as usual in the main room along with Loco Dice.


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ENTER. at Space Ibiza (9/25/2014)

My final night on the island was a rainy one but I wasn't about to let a little rain (actually a lot of rain) stop me from missing ENTER.  Week 13 could not beat Week 12 in terms of quality of music and the party itself (due to the rain) but nevertheless it was still a great night of music.  Tale Of Us magically opened the Sake Room, Chris Liebing & Matador broke open the main room with solid techno, & Maceo Plex dazzled the Space Terrace with his impeccable song selection.




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