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[Interview] Delta Heavy Backstage Nocturnal Wonderland

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One of the most loved names in drum n bass would have to be the smashing duo of Delta Heavy. Recently finishing a tour with Feed Me, this duo has seen it all. From city to city, continent to continent, Delta Heavy have been bringing the heat. We recently got the chance to sit down with Simon of Delta Heavy at Nocturnal Wonderland.

How were you introduced to dance music, and at what time period of your life?

I guess my first interaction with dance music was when I heard commercial house on the radio back in the UK. I was about 13 years old when I first heard the music and learned what DJing was. I thought it was super interesting, and extremely cool. So for my 13th birthday I asked my parents for a pair of turntables, which they lovingly got, and continued with it. I started buying cheesy house vinyls, and spinning my heart away.

What goes thru your mind when you produce a track?

Well whenever we make a track we have a vision in mind. Something usually will inspire the sounds we put into it. It could be a cheesy 80's house tune, or a cool intro from a movie.If there are vocals we have to work with that creates a launchpad for our ideas.

What is your definition of a perfectly mixed set?

Set's these days are to bland and boring. I say that because all of these DJ's stay in the same tempo their entire sets, and use the same tracks. Yes every good DJ should be able to beat match, but that does not make you a good DJ. I like to see DJ's actually doing something. The fans come for a show, and new music. Not to watch the artist prance around, scream in mics, and take selfie's. I am very anti that when I mix live. If I have 4 CDJ's I am constantly doing something, and trying to educate the crowd. I go through 4 sets of bpm's in one set, and enjoy taking risks. I think that is what really pleases the crowd.

Are you guys interested in having a resident MC for Delta Heavy?

We don't use MC's in the US just because it doesn't really go over to well over here. So we just use the energy from the set to hype up the crowd in the states. We work with a number of them in UK here and there, but we do not have anyone in particular in mind just yet.

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What's would have been your career path if it were not for dance music?

I probably would have stayed in the city and continued with finances. I already had a prestigious position at a bank, but I wanted to follow my passion. I am glad that I did go with my heart because this has been better than anything I could've asked for.

If you could change one thing about your journey professionally what would it be?

If I could change anything I would have liked to start producing at an earlier age. There was so much that I needed to learn, so I felt as if I was behind on my track to success. That is what motivated me to work harder, and reach for the sky. Its a regret of mine, but a blessing at the same time because it has made me who I am today.

Was there anyone in particular who acted as a role model or mentor to you're success?

I would have to Andy C really did give a helping hand, He played a major role in our journey, and was a musical inspiration to us. He loved what we did and that meant a lot coming from someone you looked up to. Andy was ambitious to get us signed to Ram Records, and eventually that is exactly what we did. We have nothing but love and respect for him, and Ram Records. Feed Me who I just came off a tour with has become really close mates, and I think it's good to have friends like that. Very humbling to become friends with people you looked up to as Idols.

Any new projects we can expect from you?

Our first single from our new album comes out October 10th, and that is called "Rebourne". It will be the first of many tracks to come, and the full album comes out October of next year. We are really looking forward to releasing it, and showing everyone what we have been up to.

What are your future plans in the music industry?

Well we are currently working with some pop producers, and really testing the waters of our sound. I don't think it will still be under the Delta Heavy alias, but we will still be involved in music without a doubt. We always have seen ourselves going far in pop music. Maybe when we are like 40 or something we will hang up the headphones, and start working with pop acts and signers.

If you had to enjoy any set as a fan in the crowd, who would you see?

I love to unwind to tech/deep house, so I would say Richie Hawtin. I love his music, the way he mixes, and the emotion he conveys in his set. I saw him play Space Ibizia a couple years back, and that set has stuck with me to this day.

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