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Talking Things Past and Present with Josh Wink [Interview]

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Josh Wink is a man that has been making music for some time now. He's changed styles, saw the evolution of the internet, and even collaborated with the talented Trent Reznor, pretty much there is no stone left unturned in Josh Wink's creative pursuits. His label Ovum Recordings is a gold standard, and Mr. Wink shows no signs of slowing in his music making, his song 'Are You There' is a true contender for song of the year if you ask me.

On his latest release, 'Talking to You', Josh Wink returns to his acid style, and the musical world appears to be very supportive of this return. Maybe it's a sign of the times, but if you want to have an accurate perspective on what is going on in high quality dance music, it would suit you to keep a very close eye on what Josh Wink is doing, it's always something special.

We caught up and tossed a few questions at Josh Wink, and for your reading pleasure, here is what he had to say!

Clearly there’s no question about it, you’re very much here in 2014! How has this year been for your thus far?

I am happy the way things are going this year! 20 years of Ovum, strong releases on the label, great parties and festivals in celebration. A successful remix for Crosstown Rebels, a re-issue and remix of the classic "Are you there" and in October the re-release of "Talking to you", my follow up to "Balls". I am happy and content!

Seems like ‘Are You There’ is a contender for song of the year, how do you feel about it?

Extremely happy! Strong and amazing remixes by Ben Klock, ROD and Harry Romero, along with the original being re-issued! It's great to hear that it's up for Song of the year, especially being the original was released 15 years ago. I had no idea it was a contender for this high accolade!

You have a new release on Ovum Recordings, ‘Talking To You’, what is this release all about? It’s intense, it’s aggressive, it certainly gets any listener to react in a powerful way!

Thanks! Strong & Powerful adjectives you use, a true complement! It's my follow up to "Balls" and it's in form for my more Josh Wink acid style. Happy it's being supported by a diverse wide range of dj's, and it's nice to hear people talking about it! Wondering who it is, what it is! I still get great feelings when this happens!

What is going on with Ovum Recordings as of late? Are there any major releases on the horizon?

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Besides the "Talking to you" we have a great line up of releases coming up for the fall. Credible and deep music! A treat for them to be coming out on Ovum!

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How have you managed to maintain your own release schedule and run a label since 1990?

It's hard! I'm not as prolific as I want to be. As I'd like to be in the studio more- making music. But, it's important to balance the travel and the production. I look forward to getting in the lab and making more! I love what I do! I love being creative in the studio and I desire more! But it's work to keep the balance and notice the importance of both travel, production and label releases! I have a Matty B, a great person, who makes things possible for me to travel, while he manages and runs the label!

Having been a prominent figure in dance music since almost its inception, you’ve seen a lot change I can imagine. What have been some of the biggest evolutions or extinctions of style that you have witnessed?

Biggest change has been the inception of the digital medium and the advancement of the internet. These two realms have created everything and affected everything, in both a positive and negative manner.They open doors and close doors a true catch 22.

I have read that you worked with Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails acclaim, can you tell in how you collaborated with Mr. Reznor? What was that like exactly? I can imagine very interesting at the bare minimum.

I did a track called "Jerry in the Bag" which was created in 1998, and we sent it to Trent to see if he'd be into adding his unique vocals talents on the track. Once he confirmed he wanted to add his touch to the original, we sent him the stems and he added vocals and added productions. We worked back and forth using ADAT tape and it was finally released solely on my "HearHere" LP in 1999 as "Black Bomb" to critical underground acclaim. It was a fun process to work with such a talented artist.

How would you assess the state of techno?

It's varied! Some really inspiring deep techno being made lately. Just have to hunt for it. Subjectively speaking there is a lot of music to weed through. Not only with techno, but music in general!

Josh Wink's 'Talking to You' is out now on Ovum Recordings!
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