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Lights Down Low at Mezzanine Is Serious Business!


Whoa, Lights Down Low, what do you think you're trying to do to us here? Our hearts can only take so much goodness, and last weekend you went all in at Lights Down Low at Mezzanine in San Francisco! Hercules & Love Affair, Tensnake, and Simian Mobile Disco... I could probably just leave this description of the nights at that and the true lovers of good music would just get it!


Friday night at the Hercules & Love Affair and Tensnake show you saw some of the most colorful characters dressed in their absolute Friday night best! The live show by Hercules & Love Affair was a departure from the usual Lights Down Low DJ/producer show, but boy was it refreshing to have a live band and singers getting down on the stage. That band absolutely loved the crowd and loved every bit of being on that stage, and don't think for a second the crowd didn't eat it up either!



Let us not overlook the fact that Tensnake returned to grace the Mezzanine once again with his tremendous talent. He started the year off wonderfully with his refreshing and creative album Glow, and I've been to both his shows with Lights Down Low at Mezzanine. They are a sight to be seen!

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Now, if that evening wasn't enough, the following evening the gods of innovative electronic dance music Simian Mobile Disco brought their live performance of their latest album Whorl to Lights Down Low at Mezzanine. Simian Mobile Disco and Lights Down Low have wow'd me both times I've seen them come together for shows. Simian Mobile Disco's DJ set last year was as memorably amazing as this last weekend's performance. The live component resonated well, and by god was it beautiful! These gentleman are at the top of their game, and the Mezzanine saw a show that will definitely have changed many of the audience's perceptions forever, in a great way!





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