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Lunoe, Tokimonsta & More Talk Combating Sexism In The Music Industry

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Lunoe, Tokimonsta & More Talk Combating Sexism In The Music Biz

Lunoe, Tokimonsta & More Talk Combating Sexism In The Music Industry

Women artists are grossly under represented in EDM culture-- no question about that.  The big question lies in what we can do to help increase the representation?

One of the best ways to get this information is to go to the source- the female producers and DJs that have made it. Our friends over at the Fader did exactly that, talking to artists like like Tokimonsta, Anna Lunoe, Nightwave, and Fatima Al Qadiri.

Here is how they think we can change things:

Fatima Al Qadiri:

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My mother supported my dream, so without her, I wouldn't be answering these questions. Support is one aspect, but women should also be fearless, go forth and battle the crescendo of bullshit in their path.


It would be too easy to name things like "start school programs" or air PSAs. The reality is that there is a systematic flaw in our culture. Women need to feel proud to stand on their own and be creative without worrying about how we may be inadequate.

Anna Lunoe:

It's a two prong attack: 1) Getting more girls exposed to introductory production workshops at a young age before they get into that teenage headspace of learning that they can't. 2) Developing some quality production mentoring programs that are specifically aimed at promising young female engineers to develop their skills further. This mentoring program is something I have thought a lot about initiating when I get the time and support.


Start young! Encourage music programming in schools or kindergardens, show how easy and fun it actually is, let them fall in love with it and pursue it as a career. Provide workshops and learning events where girls (and boys) can learn and practice for free. Encourage mentoring by other women artists. Bigger female representation in music events and in music press, without drawing undesired attention to it (less click-bait articles about the problem, more focus on the work of women producers). And if you're going to write about it, include men in the debate, we need to shift this paradigm together and work towards equality in the future.

Read the full article here.

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