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Magnetic Magazine Guest Podcast: Syntax Error

Syntax Error

Magnetic Magazine Guest Podcast: Syntax Error

A Syntax Error, in computer science, is a character incorrectly placed in a command that causes failure in execution. Now, Syntax Error the musician, aka Christian Schachta, is anything but a failure. He has founded the three unique labels of Snork Enterprises, FEINWERK, and Relax 2000, and established himself as a credible, creative and all around just damn good music maker in the Western German club scene in the late 90's.

Drawn to early to off kilter techno, Christian next began the label FEINWERK in 2004 which drew early support from Mark Hawkins, Bill Youngman and Neil Landstrumm, all in the pursuit of an outlet for unique styles of techno. In 2006, Snork Enterprises blossomed to showcase deeper, more groove focused styles, featuring releases from Jens Zimmermann, Radio Slave, Cristian Vogel. Finally, as if one wouldn't settled with two credible and successful labels, Christian created Relax 2000 to cultivate releases of the 21st Century driving techno sound variety. Clearly, you've got some wonderful homework to learn all of these amazingly diverse labels founded by one man!

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The sound of Syntax Error favors the deeper side of techno diving down to the depths with the bass and percussion and exploring all that the techno ocean floor has to offer. This podcast certainly exemplifies that, but it's got a groove, it's got a drive, it's got a whole lot of techno fun to get you going. Throw this on if you want to get into a good rhythm, be it at work, the gym, or the dancefloor. Be careful, a Syntax Error mix is quickly becoming a problematic habit for me, dare I say addiction, I can't stop pressing play again once it's finished! This mix is certainly an inspiration, so if you aren't already a fan of top notch techno, let Syntax Error woo you to the right techno way of life!

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