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Magnetic's Guide To Halloween in San Diego

Photo Credit: Fred Einaudi 


San Diego has one hell of a halloween scene... we've been partying all month. Haunted houses, clown filled mazes, haunted hotels and a real like wickedly fascenating haunted house just go to show how creepy we like our October to be. The more freaks, the better! All Hallows Eve is a time where the real monsters can mingle with the street-clad mortals -- you never know who... or what you'll bump into. Spooky, isn't it?

This Halloween weekend is full of festivities -- if you're in San Diego and not making the trek up to Insomniac's Annual Escape from Wonderland Festival -- there's still hope for your weekend. It all starts on Thursday night at our famous Spin Nightclub with Psy-Rocktronica-Trance crew Infected Mushroom -- their live set is going to blow the clipper boats right out of the harbor. Halloween night promises to be full of unique sounds at both ends of the county.... Harrah's (famous for their ratchetivities at DIVE during the summertime) is opening up for their first ever Halloween event featuring 3lau and DesignerDrugs along with 27 of their artist friends. It's an event full of EDM shenanigans. If you prefer to stay in the city -- Hard Rock's Haunted Halloween Carnival is the place to be. Carnage will be gracing the stage with all his #ChipotleGang-ness... just don't be in the way of the stage dive. Closing out the weekend San Diego is just going to go a a little over the edge with the rise of Dia de los Muertos -- thanks to CashCash we can let the dead arise with some sick beats at Bassmnt. Looking for something a little more intimate? Check out DJIkon at Fluxx's Fetish installment... just don't forget all of your S&M gear, you're going to need it.

As always we San Diegans pride ourselves on our local talent -- this Halloween the best of the best will be opening up for your favorite DJ. Pay attention to them, they're going to be running your speakers soon. Everyone have a safe and spooktacular Halloween!!

Thursday, October 30th


Tickets: 20$/$25$/40$ at the door CLICK HERE for more information!

Infected Mushroom Facebook | Twitter
M.A.D.E Facebook | Twitter
Tristan D Facebook | Twitter

Friday, October 31st


Tickets: 70$/80$ at the door CLICK HERE for more information!

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3lau on Facebook | Twitter 
Designer Drugs on Facebook | Twitter


Tickets: 85$/100$ at the door CLICK HERE for more information!

Carnage on Facebook | Twitter
MRNG on Facebook | Twitter

Saturday, November 1st


Tickets: 10$/15$/20$ at the door CLICK HERE for more information!

Cash Cash on Facebook | Twitter


Tickets: CLICK HERE for more information!

DJ Ikon on Facebook | Twitter

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