Strong Mix Alert! Corey Sizemore Live @ No Vacancy PDX


Giving love and support to your friends is one of the best things in life. Spreading beauty and the gospel of good music is another one of the best things in life. What follows next is a fusion of these two notable best things in life!

Corey Sizemore aka one half Ravelord of the Lights Down Low crew fka Sleazemore aka a friend o' Magnetic Magazine recently did some serious work up at No Vacancy in Portland. Renowned for his well selected, fun, eclectic, and genre defiant sets, Corey got after it, and played one of the better sets I've had the pleasure of listening to. Not sure what got into him, but clearly something real wild, and real real good...

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Personally, I thoroughly enjoy a Corey Sizemore set because it's going to surprise you with the selections, and I can only imagine how strong the vibe was for all those present in Portland. Mr. Sizemore will make you dance and he will bring something out of left field that fits better than anything you can imagine... He keeps you on your toes, and that's exactly where you should be on the dance floor, or else you're clearly doing it very wrong.

A few words from Corey on the set:

"I am ADD and really cannot ever stick to one genre so I skip around from house to techno to disco playing some of my favorite classics along with a few new gems. Some dicey mixing in there because it was 4am at a warehouse but hey that makes it human, right? I wanted to play some LDL classics." - Corey Sizemore

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