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Music Video Premiere: Les Professionnels 'Don't Give It Away'

Les Profs

Are you ready for a journey through time and space? Do you want to know what a synthpop indie dance music video might look like if Stanley Kubrick directed it? Psychedelia is seeing a resurgence, and the latest video from Les Professionnels takes a notable trip in that direction. The space odyssey disco vibes are very alive, and the overall aesthetic of the video is quite excellent, staying coherent, but still experimenting effectively with kaleidoscopic, minimalist, and maximalist components. It's a visual acid trip in a space ship, and with a beautiful song guiding it, you'll be all about it.

Check out the Les Professionnel's Don't Give It Away EP on RIS Labs. So, after all this, you should be very eager to buy it, so BUY NOW!

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