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Mystery Skulls: Raising The Bar In Live Electronic Music Performance

Mystery Skulls: Raising The Bar In Live Electronic Music Performance

Mystery Skulls: Raising The Bar In Live Electronic Music Performance

This October up-and-coming electronic music artist Mystery Skulls aka Luis Dubuc (formerly known as The Secret Handshake) did a series of shows at Hollywood’s Dirty Laundry to generate some buzz about his forthcoming album Forever coming out on October 27th.

Mission accomplished. MS is an artist that truly does it all, he can actually produce his own music, write his own lyrics and sing incredibly well. The guy wasn’t even using monitors and he was dropping pitch perfect vocals during his live performance.

If you took a little Jamie Lidell, mixed in a touch of Daft Punk and then added some more contemporary “big room” sounds you would start to be in the realm of the MS’s sound. He has the uncanny ability to shift gears on the fly and not make a complete mess of it, which is a truly impressive feat.

What’s the most exciting about this guy is that he is actually doing a live performance that is pretty damn engaging, at least in a small space, hard to say how it will translate to a bigger room.

He’s working the controller, interacting with the crowd and actually signing in a good chunk of the material. With a little spit and polish and a good production team this guy could have one of the best shows going if he puts his mind to it.

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In an era of “DJs” that are doing fuck all, dancing around and throwing up EDM gang signs, it’s refreshing to see an artist with a really good live performance.

Even many of the artists that are supposedly playing “Live” really are only hitting a space bar on their laptop and sprinkling in some filters here and there. I get it; electronic music is not easy to perform live in a compelling way, very few have managed to pull it off outside flashy light shows.

It’s just refreshing to see an artist that truly has all the chops, can deliver a great live set and keep you dancing the entire way through.

I hope Mystery Skulls represents the beginning of shift in consumer’s tastes and expectations from their electronic music artists. We have had enough bullshit, ghost production, DJ not DJing shenanigans over the last 4 years to last a lifetime.

It’s exciting to see guys like this in a sea of copycats, fakers and corny hit makers.

More please!

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