New Bass: Baauer - One Touch (VIP RMX ft. AlunaGeorge)

Baauer's new single One Touch (VIP RMX) is all sorts of dirty. The lascivious track instructs “Touch Me”, or rather “Tocame… mmmm”. It may be a simple comparison, but remember when Baauer told you to “do the Harlem Shake”? Look how that turned out.

The Aluna side of AlunaGeorge delivers some irresistible vocals, and Baauer’s surprisingly progressive arrangement sends them soaring. “One Touch” is still very much bass driven and shares a few similarities to "Harlem Shake", but the compelling progression represents some impressive artistic growth.

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“One Touch” is from a whole heap of unreleased material. Baauer posted the below tracklist of a bunch of new tunes he’s “writing”, asking his Facebook followers to pick one. “One Touch” won out this time but hopefully we'll hear some more soon.

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