New Electronic Music: Top Techno [Week #40]


A quick lesson in science for you the reader of this week’s Top Techno chart! A diverse ecosystem is the strongest, healthiest, and this effectively because the gene pool does not become too much of any one thing, thus more weakness or negative evolutionary traits. This week’s top techno chart is DIVERSE, and we live in such a healthy creative musical ecosystem that excites me and it makes even my heart start dancing in my chest. So many different directions are accomplishments in techno this week, so let’s get on with it!

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1. “Ruby” Cirez D, Mouseville
If you don’t know Cirez D, you don’t know good techno. What a good tune after an even better weekend he had! After I saw footage from his MSG show last weekend, I’ll say it now, Eric Prydz for emperor. Long live Pryda, Long Live Cirez D.

2. “Machyne” Mr. Oizo, Brainfeeder
Answer it… Answer it… Mr. Oizo you are just the best kind of artist. Little bit crazy, a whole lot bit original, but 100% an amazing time. This bit of Oizo hits hard, and has a great eclectic feel, and I love the paranoid narrative that plays out as the song progresses.

3. “Grey Matter” Pan-Pot, Second State Audio
Full of energy, ideal for getting dark and sweaty, my favorite masters of minimal are back with the hotness. This is a song that your perfect pretty self at the beginning of the night is going to lose it and leave the warehouse party an absolute mess.

4. “Sona” Apollonia, Cue and Play
The French Trio’s debut album is coming this month, ‘Tour à Tour’, and this new tune they have premiered is a rhtyhmic, percussive mover with a freaky vocal foundation to keep you guessing. Great techno with a nod to classic house here!

5. “Drop Science (Benoit & Sergio Remix)” Matthew Dear
Benoit & Sergio remixing Matthew Dear’s acoustic signatures and sounds project with General Electric… Boys, well done! I just love it when the flames of ambition are stoked by fellow ambitious people, they just keep taking the creative fire higher and higher!

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6. “Places” Mark Deutsceh & Musoe, Paso Music
This is a gnarly tune. It’s got a tremendous power, an ominous lingering, and the narrator spooks you out, all the while drawing you in with his intriguing poetic tale. This song is cinematic and sexy, and that’s always a guaranteed hitmaker if you ask me.

7. “Clot” Arjun Vagale, Kraftek
Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, kind of crazy and I like it, I love it. This song is an energizer buddy, and then WHOA where did that dub MC come from to yell at me? This is what every saturday night should feel like, in a perfect world.

8. “Need U” Niconé, Dantze, Baby
This delicate little thing right here is an absolute effective club heater. Romantic and simple, melodic and just wonderful.

9. “Criminal” Tim Green, Get Physical Music
Get the party started and never look back with this one, it’s going to steal your night away. No getting scared though, just start moving and let stockholm syndrome set in. This song may be criminal, but sometimes we have to go outside the law to do good!

10. “Juice” Robert Dietz & Tuccillo, Holic Trax
Revolving, undulating, unrepenting are the adjectives I chose for this song, and I stand by my descriptive choice! Always producing on the highest level of skill, Robert Dietz stays true to his reputation and then some with this collaboration with Tuccillo!

PLAYLIST TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t have too much fun, but still don’t forget to have fun.

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