New Electronic Music: Top Techno [Week #41]


Got the Top Techno going up on a Tuesday! Go your chick in the cut, she so techno choosay! Yep, we're mixing it up, and all for your benefit. It's a strong week for techno, melodic and majestic, and plenty of futuristic perspectives pushing electronic music forward. It's a futurist statement, this thing called techno, so open your mind, open you soul, look forward and keep your perspective forward. It's all a little bit different, but that's what you want, artists making moves and taking chances. Let's do this techno lovers! Let's love this techno like never before!

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Check the playlist, and then check the words! There's a reason we picked 'em!

1. “The Kids Will Take Care of Themselves” U, Phantasy Sound
It's undulating, revolving, absolutely snatching your attention and taking you round and round with it! The kids definitely will be all right, clearly they are doing a damn stylish job of taking care of themselves right here!

2. “Sound (Manfredas remix)” Telepopmusik
Remixing an ambient god in a techno style, it's something to take note of. Manfredas makes it look easy, and it feels anything like an easy thing, but an excellent thing.

3. “Absolution” ESS
Getting some love from some big names, and some techno connoisseurs. This tune pounds you, slams you, pushes you forward, and it's all the best energy in the world.

4. “Reliquia” Tuber & Berger, Paji
Dark and determined, that's what this collaboration is. It starts subtle, then grows big, big, big! It gets an epic groove going, and the pure talent is blatantly obvious when these talents come together to make this wonderful thing titled Reliquia.

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5. “Flash Auto” Nina Las Vegas & Swick, NEST
Been going crazy over this latest NEST release. We've got love for Nina and now we've got plenty of love for Swick. It may not be strictly techno, but it certainly has a keen techno influence, and god damn I love how anthemic it gets.

6. “Disk Method” Jensen Interceptor & Craig Williams, GND
Two favorites of Magnetic Magazine already, and we just love it when our favorites play nice together. What an EP, buy it once, buy it twice, keep buying it until these guys get the idea they should keep making beautiful music together over and over again.

7. “Polenta” Ramiro Lopez, Intec Digital
Ramiro knows how to groove. Ramiro knows how to produce. Ramiro knows good techno like nobody else we know. This tune will take you into the morning and into tomorrow, and you don't need sleep when the energy is this strong.

8. “Evolution” Joshua Puerta, Illogic Music
Mellow innovation, those are two words that appropriately describe this latest work from Joshua Puerta. It'll keep you guessing, but never pushing you too far away. It's daring, but still very aware that it needs you to feel it and embrace it. You killed it Joshua!

9. “Truth” Doorly & Harry Choo Choo Romero
A great tune to drop later in a set, and get everyone going nuts. It soothes you, entrances you, and then gives you permission to really enjoy your night. Doorly and Harry Choo Choo Romero do it right!

10. “Cellar Door” Loco Dice, Fourtwenty
Loco combines both of his loves, hip hop and electronic experimentation, and we'll let you be the judge, but we think it's a resounding success!

Extremely Honorable Mention: Plastikman Scored Silent Film “Brumes d’automne’
Plastikman (Richie Hawtin) needs no introduction... Here is his wonderful score for a silent film finally made public. Be about it!

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