Premiere: Escort - If You Say So (Morgan Geist Remix)



Escort - If You Say So (Morgan Geist Remix)

For those that need to be educated, Escort is a disco orchestra that scales from a five member live act to ten plus players. They have been making waves since 2006, and now they are doing better than ever in 2014! With a sophomore album set to make the world better once it releases, they have put out quite the tune 'If You Say So' and Morgan Geist has done quite the job remixing it. It is with a huge smile that Magnetic Magazine premieres Morgan Geist's remix of Escort's 'If You Say So'!

The remix is a romantic affair that grabs you by the shoulders and starts moving you. The subject matter has some depth to it, making it a fascinating piece of disco, if you want to think as you dance, it's got plenty of inspiration for you. Morgan Geist seems to be a modern master of the disco house remixes, check out his Hercules & Love Affair remix if you need convincing, so Escort are in good hands with this man!

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