Premiere - Matteo Luis 'Wait Why'


'Wait Why' Matteo Luis, Well Done Music

Matteo Luis may be fresh, but he's fierce. His latest 'Tell Me' EP on Well Done Music is making waves and taking names in the tail end of two thousand and fourteen.

This is a cool, focused party killer right here. It's ruthless and cut throat in how sleek and slender it weaves into the mix, and just grabs you to dance. Late night after hours or real hip bars and clubs are definitely going to be putting this 'Wait Why' in their favorite selections. It's also got an eery vibe to it, so you know it's perfect for the Halloween season!

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If you're vibing hard on all things Matteo Luis, peep the video for the title track 'Tell Me' premiered via the renowned Thump's youtube channel!

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