Premiere: Mickey Cupid "Oh You" (Lyric Video)


Premiere: Mickey Cupid "Oh You" (Lyric Video)

Mickey Cupid "Oh You" Lyric Video

Mickey Cupid is a transatlantic formation, with Matt in Brussels (BE) and Marcus in New-York (US). Yet even an ocean isn’t enough to keep those two from making music together, as they they keep recording hours of music every day, polishing their craft and pushing their sound endlessly.

The band formed in 2010 in a jam in Brussels, as Marcus was passing through town, and quickly turned out to be an effective writing duo. Marcus’s vocal abilities combined with Matt’s production skills and both of their songwriting experience quickly had people wanting more of that soulful pop.

Today we are excited to premiere "Oh You", a funky, uptempo, indie dance track with a catchy pop influence. Here is what the duo had to say on the song:

"'Oh you' is a song about the mystery and secrets we all hide behind in relationships and the games we all inevitably play with one another in relationships. Something like a cat and mouse game . It's one of the many songs we both stayed up very late, multiple nights in our different time zones working on via Skype to record . The distance between us seems to bring together different sounds, ideas, and energies that combine to make something pretty complete."

Check it out:

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