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[Premiere] Noiseshock: Cosmic - Out Now on Lose Control Music


Out of Argentina comes the creative genius behind Lose Control's hottest new release Cosmic -- Jose Ignacio, AKA Noiseshock. With early support from Wildstylez, Brennan Heart, Headhunterz, The Pitcher and many more there was not a doubt in the mind of hardstyle followers everywhere that this South American DJ/Producer was going to make some noise. Noiseshock's style of production is far from shy, he completely embodies each and every element of hard dance music, marrying them in a beautiful harmony. From raw styles to Euphoric and Subground to Trance, there isn't much he isn't capable of handling.

Cosmic is a full-bodied track consisting of traditional kickdrums and heavy reverse basslines, and yet something in the introduction makes you feel that there is more, something heavier coming to you, and three minutes into the track, you understand. The melody, the euphoric measures, its all there -- it's inviting and beautiful and tugs at your heartstrings, if not just a little. With Cosmic we are assured a promising future from Jose Ignacio and his unique style of production.

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