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Premiere: 'To Love Until We Say Goodbye (Uner Remix)' Marc Marzenit


'To Love Until We Say Goodbye (Uner Remix)' Marc Merzenit

Why is it such beautiful music comes from heartache? Is it inherent to human nature to fundamentally to turn something negative into a positive? These questions clearly will not be answered in a Magnetic Magazine premiere, but you might glean a bit of an answer when you spend some time with Uner's exquisite remix of an already excellent original!

Uner focuses his remix energy to translate 'To Love Until We Say Goodbye' into a mellow pounding techno tune retaining the strong emotions of the original along with a subtle ferocity that keeps an aggressive edge pushing forward. This song is a bit darker, but when it comes to a break-up, it's seldom a happy affair. Overall, I think it's a triumphant piece of tech house, and this song has stay power, so expect to hear it when you're out and about the world over.

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A little bit on the original - "To love until we say goodbye" is a musical journey through the nostalgic beauty, two years in the making, which speaks from personal experience about the break-up, about a cycle that terminates and about how we can face the end, which is inevitable."

Marc Marzenit's album of the same name as the single, 'To Love Until We Say Goodbye', the release date is December 8th on Natura Sonoris. The single 'To Love Until We Say Goodbye' is available today, October 28th.


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