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Ten Questions with Patrick Topping


It's time to get to know British DJ & producer, Patrick Topping a little bit.  The 25 year old from Newcastle is the most released artist on Jamie Jones' imprint Hot Creations over the last year with a total of five EPs.  He's already been selected as one of Pete Tong's Future Stars & his first official release was only two years ago!  Plus on top of all this, his dance music mega-hit "Forget" was arguably one of the tunes of the summer, if not the year.  Not to mention, his next highly anticipated single, "Voicemail"  is due out on Monday and it's a collaboration with dance music legend, Green Velvet!!

Given Patrick's insanely busy schedule at the moment, I had some trouble catching up with him in person but he was nice enough to answer some essential questions for us:

1. Where were you born & raised?

Newcastle, England.

2. How & when did you first get into dance music?

I went to Tall Trees in Yarm in 2006, Eddie Halliwell the trance DJ was playing and that was my first proper experience seeing a DJ.

3. Who is your dance music hero?

Sven Vath, he is 50 years old and still smashing it better than nearly everyone.

4. Who is your favorite DJ/Producer at the moment?

wAFF, some of the tracks he has coming out are silly, just wait, they are going to go ballistic.

5. How did you first meet Jamie Jones & get signed to Hot Creations?

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First time I met Jamie was actually in my uni flat in Edinburgh, when I hosted an after party for the event he played, we didn’t know each other and he doesn’t remember. But I got my first track signed to Hot Creations though a friend of my sending a demo in without me knowing.

6. Technically speaking, how do you get your bass-line to sound so raw? 

I can’t give all my secrets away haha

7. What is your favorite club to play at?


8. Is there a club you dream of playing at?

The terrace of Amnesia would be special. Had some of the best nights of my life in that room, at Cocoon.

9. What kind of music do you like to listen to when you're not playing

or listening to house music?

Whatever Radio 1 day time is playing really, always have that on in the car or Gym.

10. Are you coming to America anytime soon?

I’m currently in the middle of a North American tour! I’m writing this on a flight from L.A to Toronto. So far I’ve played Chicago, L.A, Seattle and San Fran and they have all been wicked!

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Patrick Topping's newest single with Green Velvet: "Voicemail".  Due out on Monday on Relief Records!

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