Snow Dayy - The Tunnel (Said The Sky Remix) [Free Download]

Snow Dayy - The Tunnel (Said The Sky Remix)

Melodic dubstep has become something of a trend. Its soothing bass and dubstep rhythm attract a wide variety of listeners and the possibilities during production are nearly endless. Of course, when something becomes popular, it can also lead to stagnation in creativity -- however, there are always a few really good acts that come out of the scuffle unscathed. Said The Sky is one such producer, whose works are filled with emotion and ethereal bliss. This latest remix of Snow Dayy (the side project of electrohouse producer James Egbert) is an incredible representation of what melodic dubstep is capable of. Between the beautiful piano, awesome vocals, and bonkers drop, I can't find any reason why a person would not like this track.


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