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Spotlight: Downtempo Artist Joshua Worden To Release "Into Fog"

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Atlanta's indie/electronic Singer/songwriter Joshua Worden, is about drop his first since last years critically acclaimed "Always This". Downtempo, soulful, experimental and at times dark, Joshua Worden continues his musical journey on the wistful and introspective Into Fog. Check out the single above "Right At Home" above.

As a solo artist and producer, Worden writes, arranges, and records everything in his home studio, literally surrounding his creative process with the cultural mecca that is Atlanta. Perhaps that explains his sound: an original blend of indie R&B and alternative singer/songwriter, hip-hop beats and electronic production.

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According to Worden, Into Fog is the most autobiographical work he has done to date. Though the album boasts an almost playful sound, its songs capture the deep idea that life is essentially ungraspable, always moving away, moving on. Says Worden, “This album is a sort of collection of moments and images. Pieces of my life. Moments that feel like they are constantly fading, receding into fog.”

Worden's live band consists of himself (vocals, keys, guitar, synth, samples) and Will Montgomery (drums, vocals, samples). Worden released his debut EP "The Withered Tree" in July of 2012 and his first full-length album, the daring and vulnerable "Always This," in June 2013. Worden continues promoting his passion for music on the wistful and introspective Into Fog.

1. Into Fog
2. Boundless
3. Right at Home
4. It Ain’t Bad
5. Calls to You
6. Gone On Down
7. Something
8. Warmth
9. Hard Won
10. Twenty
11. Wake, Child
12. Dark Horizon

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