Spotlight: Flow 2.5 - A Brand New DJ Software From Mixed In Key


Spotlight: Flow 2.5 - A Brand New DJ Softwear From Mixed In Key

With the rise of the digital age and the laptop DJ, nothing has become more important than your DJ software. No matter what your controller or tablet, Mac or PC selection may be, your software is at the core of your rig.

Consumers and professionals have one thing in common, they are looking for both value and performance. If the software does everything you need for the right price, it's pretty much time to buy.

Enter Flow 2.5, a DJ software designed by the same people that brought you Mixed In Key. The lay out of the design is simple, functional and to the point- all the basics every DJ needs in their software. Once you have downloaded the program, set up is simple. You add music to Flow, prepare it, and then you are ready to rock.

The layout of the software is intuitive and clean, to begin, use the Preparation screen at home to organize your music. If you know how to use iTunes, you know how to do this easily. For those more musically inclined, you can also create loops and organize your songs by Key, Tempo, and Energy level. You can even customize the software by adding your own DJ name.

Watch this video below to see how it's done:


Once the organization is taken care of, just move over to the Play section to begin your DJ set (Yes, you are already DJing!). With all of Flow 2.5's features, you can even remix live and switch up your set with a dynamic playlist.

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Record Your DJ sets in Flow 2.5!

Recording your DJ sets is an integral part of the craft. You need them to learn from as you're just staring off, to circulate as you're trying to break, and to give out to your fans when you're pro level.
No need to grab any external units or software. Flow does it all for you.


Will Flow 2.5 work for your existing controller? Most likely the answer is yes. It is proven on Native Instruments, Pioneer, Reloop, Numark, Allen & Heath and many other MIDI controllers. They make sure that Flow 2.5 supports all of them. You can use your laptop's touchpad to control the software, or just plug in your favorite hardware with a USB cable. Don't believe it? Try it. It's guaranteed to work, or your money back.

Want to get started or learn more? Visit Flow's website here. The best part is you get all of this software for just $58.

And make sure you check back on Magnetic next week with an "How To" Article that will give a deeper look at the software.

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