Spotlight: An Interview With Alex Menco From We Make Dance Music


Spotlight: An Interview With Alex Menco From We Make Dance Music

You know talent when we hear it and let’s just say it was love at first listen when We Make Dance Music first crossed paths with Alex. He set the WMDM record for fastest first sale. When "Bounce" went live on the site, the first copy was sold within 35 minutes. Unbelievable - even before any promotions started. This speaks volumes about the quality of his music and his ability to channel the energy of what’s hot and current in the industry and make it his own. Alex is an important part of the WMDM team, as he shares his original project files with the world. Having the opportunity to interview him in between his DJ sets and producing session is an honor. Enjoy reading about one of the best in the business...

Hey! Thanks for all the powerful music you’ve contributed to the We Make Dance Music community. People love your sound. What are your musical inspirations?

Hello everyone! Thanks for the support. I'm very happy to begin our cooperation, and I am excited to bring my music to the world! I really love dance music, visiting the most important musical events and I am also a DJ, so I take inspiration from everywhere!

How would you describe your sound? What do you look to accomplish when you set out to make a new song?

Modern, powerful and relevant music. But also I love melodic music, so I always try to make an interesting and beautiful melody in my tracks! Beautiful Melody + Actual Sound = TOP HIT!

Based on what you’ve heard recently and what you’ve witnessed over the past 5 years, what direction do you see the EDM scene going? What genres will become even bigger?

All melodies composed a long time ago will come around again, so the future will be similar to the past in some ways. Sound should be unique and not like anything from before. I think that EDM will continue to become more powerful and louder in the next few years. But anyway, not so far back to basics - because everything is moving in a circle! This is why I try to do something different that people will still love.

Tell us a little bit about your daily life. What does your average day look like as a producer?

I try to start my day early, around 9-10 am. Breakfast, watch the news of music and music technology, small sports training. Then immediately I go into the studio. I think the most productive times for me are morning and afternoon. I like to spend the evening with my wife - a walk, a movie or dinner in a cafe. Also I love to travel, and my job as a DJ really helps me with this. Seeing all the different peoples dancing makes me love my job. Highly recommended!

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What words of advice or inspiration do you have for other EDM producers or novices who are looking to break into the industry?

Takes a lot of work and dedication to improve. With high-quality material it’s much easier to be noticed and get popular. Personal relationships are very important also. Go to clubs, events, meet with people. Each of these may be useful. Be active in social networks. If you are worthy, you will get noticed and your career will progress. But to stay in this industry is not so easy so do not stop working for a second - keep producing and experimenting new sounds. Find your unique style and hype it!

Why do you love EDM?

I love EDM because it is a massive and powerful music! It Always the truth because when you play this music and see the people dance, you know it’s for real, it’s what the people love. Impossible to fake this. I love the big festivals and the energy of other people ... EDM gives me power to keep going and enjoy life to the fullest!

Who is your greatest musical inspirations and why?

I can't say specific names. Almost every musician has at least one track that I like. I often listen to Soundcloud and Beatport to find interesting sounds. I can get inspiration from the music of the unknown guy from the village here in Russia because his music is interesting and unusual! The inspiration is everywhere - just open your ears and open your mind and you will find. This advice from my grandparents helps me so much over the years.

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be and why?

Difficult question ... there’s a lot of excellent musicians and vocalists with whom I would like to work. In Russia, fortunately, I have worked with many stars. At the moment I would like to work with Justin Timberlake. He has a great voice and musical ideas.

Any closing thoughts you’d like to share with the community?

Thanks for the interview and featuring me in We Make Dance Music. I know some people says it’s not so ok to share my music with people, but I am so passionate and want the people to learn and when they know how I make my music it force me to find new ways to do new things and keep the music interesting. So it push me and I like it. I get the feedback from some people and all positive and I am helping so it’s a good feeling that I enjoy and will continue in the future. I wish you luck in all aspects of life: Health, love and goodness all around!

This interview was originally conducted by WMDM and reposted here on Magnetic.

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