Spotlight: This is Heinz Releases First Album via Muttis Mischkonsum; Listen To "Shady Lady


Always one step forward. But never on the run. Step by step, track by track it all comes up to an outstanding album. Let’s dance with "This is Heinz". The Berlin based DJ and producer knows how to combine timeless synths, nice claps and wild beats to weapons for the dancefloor. Under the name "Der Taktgeber" he already showed in several clubs how to make the night colorful and long lasting. His release on K:lendar Recordings in 2010 "Nacktmulle" was highly recommended. Now his album comes up via Muttis Mischkonsum. He will present his longplayer in an exclusive audio & video live recording session @famous Berlin Holzmarkt (Culture Container) on the 17th of October.

The Album will be released exclusively on Beatport on the 29th of October.

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So why wait? Let’s share Love, Techno and 11 really unique tracks.

This is Heinz first Album via Muttis Mischkonsum

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