Spotlight: How To Stay Organized With Flow 2.5 DJ Software

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Here's how to stay organized using the new Flow 2.5 DJ Software

Flow 2.5 is simply amazing. Simple enough for Paris Hilton (?), yet carries all the basic mixing tools you’d expect from any top-tier controller.

First, after you’ve installed it, WAIT. You read the terms and conditions about as fast as your great aunt’s sweet Christmas card didn’t you. Get your hot little hands off the mouse for a second and make sure you check BOTH “Enable online backup,” and “Allow the Mixed In Key team to analyze.” This ensures that your mixes, settings, and playlists are all backed up to the cloud. What better way to get organized than to bypass the (im)perfectly timed and inevitable computer crash. If I’m too late, hit up the Settings tab -> Record your sets -> Check boxes.

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Flow is definitely designed for everyone, and I do mean everyone. It’s interface is limited, lacking the advanced tools and settings of say SeratoDJ, but will still make the ol’ mix-n’-mash fun and easy.

Tips for staying organized:

- Don’t be fooled by the Dynamic Playlist, create your own with simple drag-n’-drop
- Pay attention to the categories: BPM, Key, Energy, Personalized. It categorizes the song into tangible categories. (Unfortunately, “Energy” does not go to 11 like we’d hoped…)
- The divide between the playlist and the actual mixer is slidable, make it as big as you want!
- If you’re more comfortable making playlists in iTunes, import them directly from the Flow interface
- Learn the ways of the Search Bar. Far from Google, the search function only searches your selected playlist, keep that in mind!

Flow 2.5 takes ease of access to a whole new level without losing its sex appeal. It’s beat mapping functions are on point, and the algorithms they use are updated constantly (lest you be a non-torrent-seeding-non-contributing-zero and unchecked the second box...). Flow 2.5 takes the heat off you and takes the reins for once, so if you stay organized from the get-go, you’ll be fine!

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