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Take An Aerial Tour Of deadmau5' New Mansion

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Take An Aerial Tour deadmau5' New Mansion

Take An Aerial Tour Of deadmau5' New Mansion

It wouldn't be a day in EDM news if Joel didn't make a headline. This time, the man we affectionately call deadmau5 has done so not by ripping another DJ to shreds on Twitter, but by offering a tour of his new multimillion dollar home.

It's a drone powered aerial tour, showing some pretty sweet digs. He summed it up on YouTube by writing:

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finally! my own airspace. :D took it up to test out my new lightbridge modification on the Phantom2 while we finiahed up some home inspection crap.... worked great! now all i need to do is get the s1000 up when we move all our stuff. :D

music: some random crap i wrote a while back... which sounds better than propeller noise.

Check it out:

PS Joel, If you're living fat like that, who cares if Paris Hilton is making more money than you- ha!

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