The Most Real Thing You'll Hear This Year: Terror Pigeon! [Album Review]

The Most Real Thing You'll Hear This Year: Terror Pigeon [Album Review]

Terror Pigeon is kind of like the secret to never growing up. Few people are lucky enough to have discovered it. And on Live It Up Before You Die It Up!, Neil Fridd and his crazy collective have once again found a way to stop time completely.

The album is a nonstop dance party of glittering melodies, synths, sweat, and flattering compliments. “This world is a thousand times better, ‘cause your mom and your dad fucked each other” Fridd chants a million times on the first track before ending with a twist. Who doesn’t like to hear that? And when you’re busy shouting along, I guarantee people will think you’re younger than you actually are.

Rebelling against the mainstream, Live It Up laughs in the face of auto-tune and post-production polish (just take a second to view the album art). Terror Pigeon doesn't care about glamor. And they probably don't care about this album review either (que track 6: "you don't need album reviews, all you need is friends who love you.") Terror Pigeon is more concerned with simply living it up. There's just no purpose in having nice things when you're having this good a time.

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The sophomore album is a follow-up to I Love You! I Love You! I Love You and I'm in Love With You! Have an Awesome Day! Have the Best Day of Your Life!!, which was a mess of a party. Thankfully, the crew hasn’t grown up a bit since then. Live It Up is every bit as raw and emotionally charged as its predecessor and then some.

On "Forget Everything That Makes You Not Want To Be This Band", Fridd proclaims, "this world was made for kids like us".  But despite the silliness and self-proclaimed magic, Live It Up is more heartfelt and genuine than anything you've probably ever heard.

If the message isn't clear by this review, Terror Pigeon sums it up nicely on the finale track.  I won't ruin the surprise, but let's just say they want you to do something with your dreams. So take all your worries and rip them up into little pieces. Load them into a confetti canon. Put on this record. And Live It Up Before You Die It Up!

Important side note: If you have the chance to see Terror Pigeon or his friends Little Ruckus, I highly recommend it. I’ve been to many a party and music shows, and these guys are ridiculous. Like life changing ridiculous. Just be prepared to jump into the "Creepy Teepee" and get wild. It's the most interactive and chaotic show I've ever been a part of. 

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