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Top 10 New House Music 2014: Week 43


So Summer is officially over.....what do you do now??  Listen to some bad-ass new house music is what you will you do!   Included in the chart this week are new tunes from Adriatique, Oliver $, Green Velvet, plus a new stunner from Frank & Tony of the Scissor & Thread crew.  So without further adieu, I present you with the Top 10 New House Music 2014: Week 43.

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1. “Upwrong” Velcro, Different Attitudes 
​This fine piece of old school style garage house called “Upwrong” was first let out on “Different Attitudes’ For The Summer” compilation a couple of months ago.  However, the Different Attitudes imprint is now giving the LA based producing duo, Velcro their own release entitled The “Up” EP which is set to be released exclusively via Traxsource next Monday and everywhere else on November 10th.

2. “303s In Love (Scotty.A Remix)” Barry Jamieson, Kyubu Records 
Progressive house music legend, Barry Jamieson has essentially been producing electronic music since the beginning.  He started up the very successful group Evolution in 1990 with co-producer, Jon Sutton and they even scored two top 40 singles in the process.  Since then, he has gone on to produce music for TV shows and he has worked with artists like John Digweed, Jimmy Van M, & most notably, Sasha!  Fast-forward to 2014 and his prowess as a producer is still completely in tact as demonstrated here on “303s in Love”.

Highlighted here on the chart is the remix by Scotty.A who  respectfully keeps most of the original elements in tact and adds a bit more bounce to an already amazing tune.  This release is out now exclusively on Beatport!

3. “Away To Dream” 2K Subs, Corsair Records 
​Martin Whiteman & Max Quirk, known as the duo 2K Subs each have quite the background in music production.  This has been evidenced here on the deep & psychedelic “Away to Dream” which is out now and available for purchase through most online retailers.

4. “Bring the Sun” Frank & Tony Feat. Gry Bagoien, Scissor and Thread 
​Francis Harris & Anthony Collins aka Frank & Tony are set to release their debut album “You Go Girl” on November 17th and in preparation for the long-awaited LP, they are putting it out on vinyl in three parts.  The first part just released yesterday entitled “You” contains the magically melancholic “Bring The Sun” which features the vocals of Danish singer Gry Bagoien.

5. “Waterfall (Marc DePulse Remix)” Adam Stacks feat Luis Baltes, JEAHMON! Records 
German techno-producer Marc DePulse has done it again.  This brilliantly epic remix of “Waterfall” is out now on vinyl and digitally as well.​

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6. “Twice (Kiki Remix)” AFFKT, Upon. You Records 
Berlin-based DJ & producer, Kiki steps up to the plate for remixing duties here on AFFKT's Two Faces EP and the result is an acid-tinged tech-house chugger with a vocal loop that interestingly repeats “Come on in, you deserve a seat”.

This EP is hot and it's out now exclusively on Beatport!​

7. “The Very Next Day (Adriatique Remix)” Flowers And Sea Creatures Feat. Wrong Jeremy, My Favorite Robot Records 
“Flowers And Sea Creatures” was one of MFR's biggest hits this year so a remix package was in order. The artists given the honors to remix this tune were Speaking Minds, Eric Volta, & the dynamic Swiss duo Adriatique, who we picked as the highlight of the three.

Out now exclusively on Beatport!

8. “By Your Side (Tuccillo Remix)” Okain, Gruuv 
​Tuccillo always brings a serious amount of groove and just a touch of deep with the slightest of ease to his productions and remixes. This deliciously funky remix of Okain's “By Your Side” is of course is no exception so expect artists such as Apollonia, DJ Sneak, and Doc Martin to hammer this one at a club near you.

9. “I Got (Something You Need) (Oliver $ Remix)” Ed Ed, Defected Records 
​I got something you need and it's a Oliver $'s funky as hell re-take on Ed Ed's “I Got” which is out now on the ever-reliable Defected Records!

10. “Voicemail” Green Velvet & Patrick Topping, Relief Records 
First there was Green Velvet's “Answering Machine” back in 1995 and now nearly 20 years later we have “Voicemail” in which the techno legend has teamed up with the bass-line don from Newcastle, Patrick Topping.

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