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Top Drum & Bass and Drumstep Songs 2014 [Week #40]

Lots of varied tracks this week including drumstep, liquid, neuro and breakbeat. The producers run the gamut from well known to less than 500 followers on SoundCloud. Regardless, I only strive to bring you the most quality tracks each and every week.

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1. Jakzon, Kraken (VIP)
I love finding small producers with big sounds. This track starts off somewhat trappy with the 808s and snare rolls, but quickly takes on a more drumstep approach. Toward the end, it goes full DnB. The whole track has this spacey atmosphere that reminds me a little of cosmic bass. FREE DOWNLOAD.

2. Happy Boy, Crystalline Lens
Exceptional drum work on this deep liquid tune. Toward the end it even closely resembles a post-rock tune, showing great diversity in production and creativity.

3. Feint, Wasted feat. Eric Hayes
I featured Feint a couple weeks ago, and he hasn't stopped putting out tracks since then. Breakbeat is one of my favorite variations of DnB and he has nailed this rendition with live electric guitar and Eric Hayes' vocals.

4. Memtrix, So Alive
Memtrix's Voodoo EP is so damn good. This is just one of the four tracks on the EP, and it was difficult choosing which one to include this week. However, this one in particular I felt just so perfectly exemplified his skill and style.

5. Rootkit, Against The Sun feat. Anna Yvette
I don't think there has been a single Rootkit release that hasn't made it onto my charts. His consistency and reliability, his skill and imagination, are among the top in the game. The roster of vocalists he has to choose from, being a part of the Monstercat family, essentially allow him endless possibilities.

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6. sakura burst, cyber VIP
This Japanese-influenced track makes a lot of parallels with Porter's style, using small Japanese vocal samples, but the similarities end there. This track has got a lot more glitch and bass than a current Porter track. Though the track might sound primarily glitch hop, it has strong and definite DnB/drumtep qualities. FREE DOWNLOAD.

7. Jaguar Skills & Chords, Lust feat. Matti Roots (Break Remix)
A mix of jump up and neuro, coupled with some choice vocal samples and a really strong bassline, make this track an instant joy to listen to.

8. Xilent, Reality
Though Xilent usually sticks to dubstep, when he puts his mind to it, he can make really, really awesome DnB. Filled with his own signature bass waves and synths, this track goes hard.

9. Oddsoul, Lost
I actually featured Oddsoul last week, and was lucky to find this track released just earlier today. His use of piano and interesting samples is really what lures me in, but the beautiful and melodic bassline keep me hooked for the entire trip.

10. Arcien, Elevate
Though you could technically call this liquid, its intensity belies a different moniker. Straight up DnB would be sufficient, as this track has a fantastic melody and some strong synth work to go along with the wavering bassline. FREE DOWNLOAD.

BONUS TRACK: Faces Of Def + Counterstrike, Blvck Celebration
"Faces of Def is a new project featuring drum and bass stalwart and Planet Human don Dieselboy and new producer Mark the Beast." Well shit.

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