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Top Drum & Bass and Drumstep Songs 2014 [Week #41]

What we've got this week is a veritable cornucopia of varying styles and tempos, with newcomers and aged veterans alike. That's one of the things I really like about this genre, is that as old and mature as the genre gets, the new guys can still come in and say, "Hey, what if we do it this way?" And it will completely change the sound. There's so much variation possible, I'm sad that more producers don't try to experiment with different sounds, tempos and synths, but it is what it is -- I can't complain, I can't even produce.

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1. Bass Farmers, Hatsuke
Starting off with a little dubstep building into DnB. Bass Farmers make a strong case for themselves in this track with stunning sound design and hard-hitting growls. FREE DOWNLOAD.

2. The Eden Project, Lost
This guy has been making beautiful music for a while now, and this latest track is no exception. From the vocals to the ethereal bassline, this one has got it all. FREE DOWNLOAD.

3. Mefjus, Continuous
Mefjus is releasing an album by the end of the year, hallelujah! This is the kind of magic that we'll be hearing on it: deep, warbly and sinister.

4. Aeph & Kung, Wozthys
I love Aeph so god damn much. This collaboration with Kung is a stunning reminder of how nasty DnB can be.

5. Black Sun Empire, State of Mind & Codebreaker MC, Long Time Dead (Maztek Remix)
Do you even need me to write a description for this one, really?

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6. Survey, Collapse
Survey puts forth some absurdly dark vibes in this track from his new Object Relations EP, out October 20th.

7. Delta Heavy, Reborn
Once again, a track that I shouldn't have to say much about. Delta Heavy return to an early sound of theirs and make some incredible new DnB. I'm not sure who the vocalist is, but she does a nice job as well.

8. Linkin Park, Numb (Sharkoffs Remix)
Sharkoffs continues his streak of DnB remixes of great pop songs with this classic from Linkin Park. The remix takes the track on a much more euphoric tone than the original, but the track on a whole is another success from the mystery producer. FREE DOWNLOAD.

9. Hybrid - Power Curve (Noisia Driveclub Remix)
Noisia have recently lent their production prowess to yet another video game, Driveclub. No doubt the fast-paced nature of the game will mesh very well with DnB.

10. Champion - What I Need
This new one from Champion on Liquicity is channeling some Camo & Krooked right here. I really miss that lead bass synth and I'm glad to see that someone else has picked it up.

BONUS TRACK: FuntCase DnB mix - Crissy Criss 1XTRA
Funty used to produce DnB so of course I had to include this mix in the chart. I don't usually include mixes, but this was too good to not share with everyone. FREE DOWNLOAD.

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