Top Drum & Bass and Drumstep Songs 2014 [Week #42]

Here we are with the best Drum & Bass and Drumstep tracks of 2014 - Week 42. This week I'd like to feature a few new selections from State Of Mind, Black Sun Empire, High Contrast, TC and more. Drum & Bass continues to be like a difficult girlfriend to me... she continually shows me her bad sides and good sides, on and off, time and again, and yet I keep coming back knowing that she'll treat me right and show me an amazing time when we're out alone together in a packed club. Unlike with a woman, I choose to forego protection with DnB, instead sacrificing myself to the relentless bass and sound from the speakers.

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1. LJC, Drift
I received this promo earlier this week and was really impressed. Though he's a newcomer, LJC shows some real promise.

2. BenZel, Wasted Love (SpectraSoul Remix)
SpectraSoul brings some deep, deep vibes to this remix of BenZel.

3. Jakwob, No Place Like Home feat. Rationale
Jakwob seriously impresses with some amazing DnB. I've been listening to him for the past four years and I haven't heard anything like this yet.

4. 2Pac, California Love (High Contrast Remix)
High Contrast takes a classic and absolutely crushes it. He injects a strong UK bass sound into the mix while retaining every good part from the original.

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5. Becky Hill, Losing (TC Remix)
Becky Hill is the voice of Wilkinson's "Afterglow," a track which has become an anthem on festival stages across the world. Here we have TC on remix duty for her solo work.

6. State of Mind & Black Sun Empire, Unconscious (Segment & Concept Vision Remix)
I'm starting to get the feeling that any track with State of Mind and Black Sun Empire, no matter if it's remixed or an original, will end up being incredible. That being said, this is Segment & Concept Vision's remix, and they should be commended for their work, as well.

7. Hybrid Minds, Meant To Be feat. Grimm (InsideInfo Remix)
Grimm's voice is pretty incredible, and both Hybrid Minds and InsideInfo are incredible producers with a lot of great tracks under their belts. This remix manages to keep a lot of the traditinoal jungle sound while adding an undertone of melody and layering. Truly remarkable.

8. Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Belly Dancer VIP
Drumsound & Bassline Smith start us off with a pretty funny vocal intro, a la "Blood Sugar." But pretty soon we're catapulted into the meat of the track, a blistering 174 BPM journey back to the mid-2000s with a modern spin. FREE DOWNLOAD.

9. Format, Rainfall
When it comes to painting a picture with sound, I haven't heard much better than this. For eliciting the image of rainfall, Format does a damn good job. It must be a downpour…

10. Exert, Losing You feat. Janethan
I'm not exactly happy with the vocals in this track, but other than that the production is top-notch. NCS has always done right by its fans and they continue to do so with every release. FREE DOWNLOAD.

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