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Top Drum & Bass and Drumstep Songs 2014 [Week #43]

Here we are with the best Drum & Bass and Drumstep tracks of 2014 – Week 43. This week I’d like to feature a few new selections from Ownglow, Virtual Riot, Reso, Audio and more. I was speaking with someone earlier this week about Drum & Bass and how varied it can be... I gave them examples of heavy liquid, jump up, neuro and breakbeat. I showed them calming tracks and ones you might expect to dance to on a shit load of cocaine. The variety never ceases to astonish me and I will forever love this genre for forcing me to keep my eyes and ears open for new sounds.

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1. Flux Pavilion, Steve French feat. Steve Aoki (The Prototypes Remix)
The Freeway Remix EP was recently released, and of course I just had to include this one from The Prototypes. As a track, it's decent -- but from The Prototypes, I really expected more. It sounds extremely unoriginal and rather lazy, considering the samples and synths used. Much of the original track's sound is lost in the reimagination.

2. S.P.Y., Dusty Fingers feat. Diane Charlemagne (Ownglow Remix)
One of my good friends Ownglow put out this stunning remix of "Dusty Fingers." For a kid from Arizona, you would swear he grew up in the UK DnB scene.

3. Phaera, A Dream To Influence Mankind feat. Christine Tsernikova (Venemy Remix)
Venemy is typically known for his melodic dubstep. Yet in this remix of Phaera, he goes a little bit faster. The amazing thing is those same melodic qualities transfer over brilliantly to the higher paced track.

4. Joe Ford, Knock Down
Joe Ford is easily one of the most well-known rising stars in DnB and rightly so. Creativity and originality are just a couple of his strong suits in production, along with the ability to masterfully craft unique sound designs and engage listeners.

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5. MUST DIE!, Together (Virtual Riot Bootleg)
Virtual Riot absolutely crushes this remix. The original is a trappy, downtempo little number that kind of just moseys along, and then Virtual Riot goes and does this… the original sounds are all present with VR's own brand of dirty bass growls, making for an extremely accessible track. Just be sure to pay special attention to 1:08-1:30. Holy shit.

6. Laurel, Shells (Candyland Remix)
Candyland made DnB!? Yup. And it's god damn beautiful.

7. Fox Stevenson, Throwdown (Rob Gasser Remix)
There isn't any DnB until the very end, but it's there… so hah! Regardless, the track as a whole is downright awesome.

8. Becky Hill, Losing (Reso Remix)
I posted the TC remix to this track last week, which had a much happier sound to it. Not that Reso doesn't capture the optimism in Becky's voice, just that the track itself takes a much darker sound.

9. State Of Mind, No-Operative (Audio Remix)
The Eat The Rich Remix EP comes out on Monday, and along with it this incredible remix. Since getting signed to RAM, Audio has been pushing his sound further and further, and we're damn happy about it.

10. Holly Drummond, Diving In (Rameses B Remix)
To finish off, some very minimal liquid from Rameses B. The way that DnB can simultaneously have tracks that make me go nuts on the dance floor and tracks that help me get to sleep is astonishing.

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