Top Future Bass Songs 2014 [Week 40]

Top Future Bass Songs 2014 — Week 40

1. Sex Panther, SteLouse x aah ooh
SteLouse and ash-ooh created a ferocious, future bass tune with this one. This one was released via the up and coming Hebinomichi artist collective whose lineup also includes artists like Jawz, TastyTreat, KRNE, and Maxx Baer.

2. Cowboy Bebop, Royal
Royal is an up and coming producer who’s starting to get a lot of attention in the future bass/experimental music scene and for good reason. Cowboy Bebop showcases Royal’s minimalistic, groove oriented tendencies.

3. The Lawnmower (Mura Masa Remix), Aryay
There aren’t many artists who can produce almost any genre with ease, but Mura Masa is definitely one of them. On this remix he shows off his more gritty, aggressive production style.

4. Sippin’, Quinn Kyle
One of LA’s finest collectives, Shifty Rhythms just released their second compilation album, ‘Volume Two’, which features a variety of forward thinking dance music genres like future bass, jersey club, neo-soul, and trap. This track caught my attention with its psychedelic take on trap music. This one has me feeling like I’m two double cups deep.

5. Give U Everything, Dave Luxe
I recently had the pleasure of meeting Montreal based producer Dave Luxe at his most recent LA performance. Given how talented he is, he is one of the must humble people I’ve ever met, and he was happy to speak with me for over an hour about music production, a multitude of genres we both appreciated, and the future of his career. His latest release is a majestic, shimmering future R&B track.

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6. 4hundred, Cavalier
This beat sounds like what DJ Mustard would make if he was an anime character. Cavalier has the kawaii sound on lock.

7. Bounce Beaucoup, L'homme aux 4 lettres
This falls somewhere between jersey club and the stripped-back, aggressive underground club music championed by artists on the Fade To Mind and Night Slugs labels. Melodic in some spots, yet extremely minimalist in others.

8. Happily Never After, Andru
Andru’s “Happily Never After” is appropriately titled since this genre-defying track feels like a funeral march conducted by beat scene legend Dimlite.

9. Goldeneye, Last Japan
“Goldeneye” is without a doubt the most innovative track on the chart this week. The song is comprised almost entirely of sounds from the classic Nintendo 64 game Goldeneye, and this creative use of samples is exactly what earned Last Japan a spot on this week's Top Future Bass Songs.

10. All The Time (Hi Tom Remix), Jeremih
Rounding out the chart we have a sweet and soulful jersey club remix from Hi Tom.

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