Top Nu-Disco & Indie Dance Chart [Week #40]


This week we’re going to be a bit more eclectic, let’s have some fun with it! It’s still the Top Nu-Disco & Indie Dance Chart you know and love, but we’re pushing the boundaries in our selections here. So, this week, I want you to think about what is it that makes you personally fall in love with a song that you love. Does it resonate with every fiber of your being? Does it move you? Does it remind you of times long passed? Is there a value embedded in the song that synchs up with your own core values? We got a little deep here, but it’s good to think a little bit harder because this thing called dance music, it means a lot more than just dancing!

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1. “Dangerous (Oliver Remix)” Big Data
They’ve been qualified as the kings of electro, and they are everything that modern nu-disco should be, the distinct duo that is Oliver hits it out of the park on this very dangerous remix… It’s going to steal your girlfriend.

2. “Sunlight (Blonde Remix)” The Magician feat. Years & Years, Potion/FFRR
Graceful and majestic like a sunset, this song has got it going on. The groove is alive and ready to get going in this track. Prepare to sway, prepare to leave that dancefloor soaked.

3. “Hymnals (RAC Remix)” Grizfolk, Virgin
This is a song that moves you, pushes a button deep inside, and an explosion of feeling alive echoes throughout you from head to toe to deep down in your soul. RAC you’ve got that touch, you belong in a museum.

4. “Commitment” Paul Richmond, Enormous Tunes
If James Bond were to be made into nu-disco form, this song is it! Maybe not the whole commitment element, but the whole sound of it just has this smooth, suave secret agent vibe that is everything you hope a song could be!

5. “French Alps” And (Dave Rennick)
Synth pop with a disco influence, little bit of that 80’s italo disco feel, and that vocal has a similarity to phoenix, but with a grittier twist. Fun and innovative, engaging.

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6. “Merlin (Everybody Knows)” Detour City GRADES Remix
Does everybody know? I don’t know but I do know that I love that distant echo that’s just on the touch of being inaudible, but grows and guides you to blissful dance ecstasy!

7. “Ego” Krycheck
Rock and funk have their place in disco, don’t ever forget that. This is a subtle groover, the one to bob to and just let the evening feel you. This song is bad, so very bad. Love the 80’s-esque vocal, but love even more how atmospheric and epic this song stretches out.

8. “Terje” Sugartonic
This song is weird, and when the going gets weird, the weird turns Pro! Get ready to discover some new things about yourself when this song gets going. It starts crazy, and it doesn’t stop, and you just have to press play again to get the number of that groove that just ran you right over.

9. “What is Love (Worthy Remix)” Janelle Monae
This is one of those organic pairings that work so well together, but it’s only possible because of the beautiful craziness in this thing called life. The build is superb, and the rework is expert, Worthy brought his sound and selected the absolute best that Janelle Monae had in the original. Bravo to this remix!

10. “They Don’t Know” Disciples
This is classic disco in a contemporary context! The dance moves just move through you with this one… Be careful, you might have too much fun.

Oh and you asked for a playlist you say?

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