Top Nu-Disco & Indie Dance Chart [Week #41]


Top Nu-Disco & Indie Dance! Top Nu-Disco & Indie Dance! Did you hear me? It’s time for Magnetic Magazine’s Top Nu-Disco & Indie Dance! It's October! Costumes! Now, down to business. This week we’re going to give it up the UK Garage influence a tad… Also some serious love for the singers. We go deep, we go sentimental, we go all over the emotional spectrum. Could it be because I’ve been told Mercury is in retrograde? I am not sure I believe in it, but I know some do. Facts are what they are though, and you gotta get your dance moves right before Friday night and your emotional moves too because you never know what the rollercoaster of fun or what destiny has for you. So prepare for the best weekend of your life, I know you’re going to have a good one, and let these songs be the perfect disco influence soundtrack for that amazing weekend I see in your future!

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Trying something new, my thoughts and words on the tunes down below, playlist here. Do your thing!

1. “Surrender” Ali Love, Crosstown Rebels
Sexual funk house music with a little disco kick in its step. Ali Love is a Crosstown Rebel staple, and this heater since July may have been overlooked by me, but it sizzled up nicely. Extra flavor for a surprise delayed discovery I say.

2. “Never Know EP” Light Year, Exploited
Confident, that’s what this EP is. Suave, that’s what this EP also is. Be prepared, this EP is going to get you number and take you out for a nice steak dinner, and it’s definitely going to call you again. It’s a gentleman, and it woos you in all the right aways Light Year knows how.

3. “Hunger” Sam Sure, Black Butter Records
Oof… Ouch… Too… Much… Amazingness. The feels, the emotions, this song may not be nu-disco or indie dance, but god damn it it’s good. I need to spread this song, probably doesn’t need any help, but the gospel of good music must be sang to the high heavens, can I get an Amen!

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4. “I’m Aquarius (Claptone Remix)” Metronomy
Like a great white shark, Claptone comes up from the deep house depths, and bites this amazing original. He dives down, swimming back to the darkness with Metronomy in his teeth, and he ravages it, what’s left is a emotionally charged groover that belongs is the deepest of deeps.

5. “Paradise Awaits (RÜFÜS DU SOL Remix)” Zhu

Australians and the anonymous Zhu get along very well, and the indie-house golden boys RÜFÜS DU SOL from down under certainly are picking up what Zhu is putting down! Check out this amazing Paradise Awaits remix, it’s doing everything right and sounding so damn good while it does it. It maintains the integrity of the original, but brightens it up and plays around a bit, staying true to the RuFus Du Sol style. They knocked it out the park people!

6. “Walk (Sasha Extended Remix)” Kwabs, Atlantic Records
A good friend of mine says this a contender for song of the year. I’m not sure I agree with him, but I certainly think he makes a great argument. Sasha is a master, and when you give him solid original content, he’s going to make something masterful!

7. “Club Goin’ Up On A Tuesday (DJ Snake Remix)” iLoveMakonnen, OVO
If you haven’t heard the original, well, once it’s in your head, it ain’t going nowhere. DJ Snake surprised everyone with this chill, tropical rework with plenty of sex for everyone. Turn down for what? Nah brah, got the club going up on a tuesday now!

8. “I Got What U Need” Kolombo, Loulou Records
Oh! Oh! Oh yeah! Kolombo definitely got something, and it’s in my ear right now. You need it, don’t think twice. Italo disco influence, synth focused, wonderful vocal, bounce around to this and embrace the bliss.

9. “P 2 Da J (Metodi Hristov Remix)” Dennis Ferrer, King Street Sounds
I love the little funky nuances, the almost jazz sound. It’s like a creature shaking it’s booty. I don’t know, it’s creepy and cute and fun. What a remix! Eclectic and refreshing.

10. “Reconsider (Skids Remix of Exempt & Henry Green Rework)” The xx
Okay, this is just crazy enough that I had to chart it. You can’t triple stamp a double stamp, but when it’s the xx, throw those rules right out the window.

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