Top Nu-Disco & Indie Dance Chart [Week #42]


There is so much attitude in this week’s chart, be ready for a whole lot of sass. There’s a whole lot of style and even more fun. This is this week’s Top Nu-Disco & Indie Dance! What’s your plan this weekend? Fall festivaling? Raving and misbehaving? Healthy living? Whatever the answer may be, make sure it’s nothing but positive vibes, and let this be your playful soundtrack. It’s got your back, let yourself go and make this weekend a memorable one!

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1. “Hashtag My Ass”, Etienne de Crécy
This song has tudes. This song has my seal of approval. This song is just hilarious and the best. I’ve been an Etienne fan for a minute, glad he’s keeping it going.

2. “Cherry Hill” Woz, Black Butter Records
Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh man… Yeah man. This song embodies everything of what it is to be cool. Confident, bold, fun, relevant, and just doing it’s thing. I love every which way this tune goes.

3. “Dubbers Delight (LW Version Excursion)” Leftside Wobble,
Dub your disco, or is it to disco your dub? These are the questions, but there is no wrong answer. It’s an infectious tune, only dangerous if you fight it, so just go with it! It’s a hidden classic with a great rework.

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4. “Get Up” Sammy W, Alex E & Vanilla Ace, Tobus Limited
A selection right here for the bay! For all those about to go buck wild at Treasure Island Musif Festival in the silent disco, this bit of bliss is all for you!

5. “Up In the Air (Munk Remix)” Oliver Koletzki feat. Fran, Stil vor Talent
Munk is the master of the modern disco! He’s got the sensibility of the seventies, but a production prowess that is so sharp it’s at the razor’s edge of cutting edge in the contemporary.

6. “Mystery Footwear (Gameboyz Remix)” Mr Cogs
Mystery footwear, that sounds real, real weird, but just weird enough to get me real interested… I will say no more, other than it’s amaze.

7. “Find Someone” Rucks, SoSure Music
Mellow disco, gentle disco, romantic disco. It's the best type of nu-disco. Sure you might say it's deep house, but I say this is the best thing to keep a disco set relevant and ready to challenge modern dancers. I love the magical mystical background elements.

8. “Black Mambo” Sigward, SoHaSo
A bouncy vibe with a primal sentiment. It feels very old, almost sinister, but still with a scoundrel's smile.

9. “Endless Year” GoldFFinch, Clubwerks
A potential contender for song of the year... I'm just describing it as that, and letting you listen to it with that in mind...

10. “Off the Rails” Billie Ray Martin and Aerea Negrot, Disco Activisto Records
Deep disco with a classic contemporary disco vocal, this song is going to go very far and very late into the night. Tomorrow will be a tired day, but you'll bask in the afterglow.

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