Top Nu-Disco & Indie Dance Chart [Week #43]


Magnetic Magazine’s Top Nu-Disco & Indie Dance chart is here to educate you a bit… Stumbled upon a lovely little video, and it asks the question… What if our moon was a disco ball? A boy can dream right?

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Disco playlists are not a thing to be missed...

1. “Rhythm of Auld” Julio Bashmore feat. J’Danna, Broadwalk Records
The debut album is upon us and here is Julio Bashmore’s first tune on that album. It’s a funky affair and I dare you not like it. Bring your worst attitude, just real bad vibes, and listen to this song. I guarantee you can’t even last ten seconds before this melts you into an amazing groove.

2. “Death Tunnel” Black Meteoric Star, DFA Records
Run to your car, jump in, toss on some sunglasses, and start driving like a badassmotherfucker at night to this one. It does retro almost more authentically than retro, this song is going some place, so go wherever it is going...

3. “Not This Time (BBC Radio 2 Acoustic Version)” The 2 Bears, Southern Fried Records
Their new album is out, so check it if you haven’t already, better yet buy it. Joe Goddard goes acoustic and you hear the power, the talent, the beauty… Sit down for this one, it’s the best of everything and it burns bright.

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4. “Higher (Televisor Remix)” Tobtok
Big sounds only mean big things, and the big intentions of this remix are up to snuff with their sizeable ambitions. This song incites the feeling that you’re doing it right, and it’s a memorable song that I know is going to stick with me, so open yourself and let it stick with you!

5. “Number 1” Mystery Skulls feat. Nile Rodgers and Brandy
Wow, wow, wow, wow, disco isn’t dead, it’s alive and taking over! Nile Rodgers communes the days of disco past and combines it with two modern talents! This is a disco banger if I’ve ever heard one, I’m not sure if that’s a thing, but deal with it!

6. “When Will I See You Again (Amtrac Remix)” Shakka
A beautiful song with a touch of heartache and then Amtrac’s astounding talent making the song his own. Not sure if this song is nostalgic or pensive or tragic, but if it’s feeling anything like any of those, it’s chock full of emotion, and you know we’re all about the feels.

7. “In the Name of” Pablo Calamari, One Love Music
Oh yeah, the singer in this one is perfect, and Pablo Calamari really flexes that creative muscle and damn it looks good. Only the best dance moves are going to move through you thanks to Pablo Calamari. And we need to say Pablo’s got one of the best names I’ve seen recently.

8. “Sure Thing (Sammy W & Alex E Remix)” Vintage Culture, Earstrip & Torha feat. Ashibah, Enormous Tunes
Airy, breathy and breezy… It’s got this disco in the wind sensation, but with a leaning towards the deeper side of things. The end result of all these adjectives is a win for everyone. Your feet are moving, your body is grooving, and the dance floor is exactly where you need to be.

9. “Celebre” Harry Wolfman & Skinny Love, House of Disco Records
The disco babes might not be ready for this great piece of modern disco… It’s pays homage, it’s got all the funnest disco sounds, and that french sample is just pure sex! This is a great early night disco choon, so choose wisely, the party is going to love it to get the vibe started right.

10.”Be My Lover” Pontchartrain, Whiskey Disco
Classic disco with a very good DIY feel. It’s got a great weird energy that reminds me of a mischievous cheshire cat getting down and bouncing around. You watch as it goes around and around, with a strange anxious feeling if this cat is up to something...

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