Top Nu-Disco & Indie Dance Chart [Week #44]


Pumpkin carving is in full swing, outfits are ready, and the party is already getting started across this fair nation. Come Saturday morning, you are either going to have some amazing memories or some regrets you’ll start drinking right away to forget. In any event, here is our Top Nu-Disco & Indie Dance picks that will get you to the right place of funked out sexy vibes to guarantee you’ve got a good start for wherever your weekend’s halloween ambitions may take you/

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1. “Festival Erotica” Wolf + Lamb vs. Nick Monaco, Wolf + Lamb Records
The Crew Love never fails to impress. Nick Monaco and Wolf + Lamb got your house groove needs covered. I don’t need to say much, I just need you to love this good music as much as I do. It’s got a sexy sinister edge. Long Live Crew Love!

2. “Breathe (Telepopmusik Cover)” New Navy, Future Classic
Throw it back, throw it back with the Australians! This song popped up on my soundcloud and it stopped me right in my tracks while selecting fresh tracks. So, we throw it back to a twist on a classic!

3. “Stand Still” Flight Facilities, Future Classic & Glassnote
Their album has come down to earth, and the Flight Facilities are in full flight. One of my favorite songs on the album and I’ll say it… Contender for album of the year.

4. “The Music” Lou Van, Sleazy Deep
Nobody and I mean nobody releases nu-disco better than Sleazy Deep. They’ve got them deep disco sentiments that are just the right way to go about it. Check out their entire ADE compilation, you’ll be pleased forever.

5. “Lights On (Sega BoBootleg)” FKA Twigs
Sega Bodega takes on a Young Turk goddess, and reworks it to prove he is not your average mortal. Innovative and intriguing, this song lights a fire and launches the entire ‘Bobootleg’ right to the moon. And if you were craving for a chance to see Sega Bodega and Ryan Hemsworth playing a show together, well you're in luck!

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6. “Sexed Up” Thomas, Whiskey Pickle
Laid back funk with a touch of alcoholic pickle… Yeah, that sounds real nice. This tune is fun, it’s got this almost buzz quality to it, just feels like you’re floating and smiling.

7. “Down & Out In Paris and Manchester (Love Story Mix)” Pulp Disco & The Outcasts
We all love a good love story, and this mix has it in spades. The name Pulp Disco makes me very thirsty for orange juice and for that, I am very thankful. So, love this tune and sip on some orange juice, get your vitamin c game right before you rage the night away.

8. “Let Me Be” Bondax ft. Bo Saris
Oh this is going get you bouncing and putting a little pep in your step, this choon is so fresh it could get your grandparents grooving. Yeah, it’s that ripe.

9. “We Ain’t Sober” Amine Edge & DANCE, CUFF
It’s the eve of halloween, so sobriety definitely is not something many people will be doing in any major city. So why not embrace it and let the Ghouse masters guide you to a higher state of party?

10. “Take It All” Gorgon City feat. The Six
Crushing it like they are recycling to save the world, Gorgon City and the Six take it all. But they give it all back and then some with this wonderful little number from their latest masterpiece off their debut album.


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