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New Electronic Music: Top Techno [Week #42]


It’s getting real spooky this week childrens. Top Techno is here to keep it dark to enhance all the spooks and help keep it real haunted up in this halloween season. What’s your costume going to be? Tiga gave you plenty to work with for options if you want to be stylish and sexy techno styles in his Bugatto video last week. Or you could just dress in all black and be hip as fuck and respected by all in the techno scene. I mean, does Techno even do halloween? Whatever, I really don’t care nor will I ever have the answer, I’m just here to give you good techno choons, so let’s do this my techno lovers!

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1. “Drum Machines Do Have Soul” Anna, Turbo Recordings
Anna from Brazil was recommended to me by Gorgon City, and those boys clearly know what they are talking about. Anna’s latest EP on Turbo Recordings is just that good that I wanted to chart all three songs, but let’s not get carried away here people… Let’s just go with this one amazing one and you listen to the rest on your own.

2. “Not Butter” Dillon Francis
Listening to this song, I instantly fell in love with Dillon’s new album, it’s a winner. I also tweeted at him asking if he when he finished producing it he instantly got chubs. I’ve yet to receive a tweet in reply.

3. “Dem Howl” Audion feat. Troels Abrahamsen, Kompakt
As the year comes to a close, I feel Audion aka Matthew Dear may win techno god of the year. He’s killing it with both of his aliases, and this right here is a definitive Audion winner. It’s got those epic feels with a side of melodic, be about it or make a poor choice and not be about it.

4. “A Hold On Love/Only Love Can Break Your Heart” Erol Alkan
Taken from Fabric 77

5. “Conductor” Pan-Pot & Slam, Watergate Records
A dramatic late night heater, just when you fully commit to the party going until sunrise, this song kicks in and you’ve got all you need to carry you through until tomorrow. What a collab, but not surprising it’s amazing considering it’s on the best label in techno. I said it, deal with it.

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6. “More 4” Premiesku, Apollonia
A romanian trio releasing on the Apollonia label, they say good things come in threes, right? So it should be no surprise this More 4 is an amazing thing. Check out the full EP. Also, let’s disregard the fact that I reversed the whole bad things happen in threes philosophy.

7. “Escape the Underworld” Jensen Interceptor
Spooky! Orphean! Jensen Interceptorian! It’s a hit and don’t you know it!

8. “Noisia” DJ PP & Jack Mood, Cr2 Records
A deeper choon than most, it’s got a huge quality to it, infused with a wildness that any audience will buy into. It’s going to build you up, and take you to an epic vista upon a mountaintop where you are greeted with wonderful pianos. What’s not to like about that?

9. “Dreaming” Hernan Cerbello, Spirit Soul Records
Mysterious vibes are good for the health and keep you guessing to stay alive. It’s dark and groovy, so expect good things from the second you start to the bitter end.

10. “Gigabytes” Madame, BNR TRAX
Big… French… Electro… Techno… You don’t need more than that, just run with it and love this track.

And here! For your playlist health!

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