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Top Tropical House / Chill Music 2014 Week 42 - ­ New Electronic Music

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Top Tropical House / Chill Music Week 42 - ­ New Electronic Music

Its time to shine. Happy Weekend Everyone and welcome to the new home of the Top Tropical and Chill Music Chart, fresca FRIDAY! We are gonna be coming in hot with the tunes you need to get your weekend moving, keep you grooving and have you dancing from your desk and onto the dancefloor. I'm excited for all of us. Lets explore the cracks, taste the unknown flavors, live it up and ride off into the sunset together. This week’s chart is a soundtrack for you to get out into the beautiful world and find something active that makes you happy. Hopefully these songs push you to run, bike, hike, swim, dance, float, board, stretch, paddle, jump, climb, dive, flip, fly, shred, tumble, cruise, barrel, score, flex, and bounce. The summer may be winding down but your heartbeat should be winding up. Find a quiet cloudy beach to run on in the morning, take your beach cruiser on a solo mission to the end of the line, get lost up in the mountains with your sweetheart and pick an unknown path to hike. Get up, get out and get your groove on….

Quick Note: The full playlist can be found at the bottom of this article if you just wanna jam all the way through! Enjoy

1. “We Were Young (Sascha Kloeber Remix)” SRTW, Spinnin Records
There is a sense of nostalgic lust to the words of the original track by SRTW but newcomer Sascha Kloeber grabs your hand and dances you into the present, making you feel alive and setting your eyes on the horizon ahead. This melodic sunset house is crisp and the perfect tone for a fun, lush autumn season. Spinnin Records continues its hot streak of highly polished daymakers and I always want seconds.

2. “Looking Too Closely (Patrick Lite Remix)” Fink
I’ve loved Fink’s soft strumming song ‘Looking Too Closely’ for a while now and lo and behold someone has come through to grace our ears with a soft stepping sunkissed remix. That someone is Netherland’s Patrick Lite, a relatively unknown tropical and melodic house artist with a mature palette for fine unwinders. The accompanying percussion instrumentals trickle over the driving piano from the original and rides up into the glowing stratosphere. Float off with it and find your groove.

3. “Bloom (Bootleg)” Alex Cruz & No One 32
When you dive, dive head first. When you say yes, say hell yes. There is no better feeling than that sunrise feeling of finding something or someone that makes you feel elated and alive and this rework of Paper Kites’ beautiful whistler certainly plucks away on those heartstrings. Alex Cruz has the flavors you want to savor and the Amsterdam native knows how to make great content even tastier. Take a deep breath of this sweet song and enjoy whatever makes you happiest.

4. “If It’s Not You” Keljet x AYER
You’re gonna need to do some stretching before putting on this song because the footwork that erupts from this poolside provocateur could cause dance injuries. The nu-disco vibes are flourishing and duo Keljet know how to put a pep in your step while keeping things smooth and sensual. AYER’s cool croons pierces the sun through any clouds in your life and the jammy guitar and poppin percussion drives this endless summer glider home.

5. “Cinders” Mapps, Just Chill Records
Just Chill Records has brought us a seasonal harvest of the ripest chillwave tracks with their Autumn of Chill LP featuring this delicious bite by Mapps. The chillhop bounces and sends you flying down a synthy zipline through a canopy of the coolest tranquil soundscape.

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6. “The Night Is Young” 2 Bears
The 2 Bears have come out of a deep house hibernation with a brand new album out this week. The title track ‘The Night Is Young’ is a building mesmerizer that never feels as long as it is. It takes you to a beautiful place the Bears must have been dreaming about all this time and are finally able to share with all their loving, adoring fans. Do yourself a favor and feast your ears on this incredible album!

7. “Elision” RKCB
The falsetto funk is prevalent in this bedroom listener by Los Angeles R&B group RKCB. It sends you falling deeper into its groove by the second and has an energetic tempo that might make you get up and jump on the bed. Get entangled in its silky sumptuous vines and find someone to get lost in it with.

8. “Stolen Dance (N2N Tropical Remix)” Milky Chance
The sophomore rework by Brooklyn’s N2N is an absolute waveriding wanderer to the tune of Milky Chance’s summer hit. The lagoon life is what its all about and now that N2N has given you a nice base tan with his breakout XX remix, you’re ready for that perfectly tanned tune to crash into the waves with. It’s a really fun take on an already jamming track with all the right elements of the hottest genre in the game.

9. “How Will I Know (SJUR Remix)” Sam Smith

Whitney is smiling down from a her little slice of paradise in the sky at artists like Sam Smith carrying her torch. SJUR has made that paradise even more real with a glimmering smile inducer of a remix plump with skipping bongo pops and digital blinks. Sam is the hottest ticket in town for remixes and this rethinking provides a unique flavor among the throng of cookie cutter electronic paintjobs.

10. “Grizzly Bear (Lakechild Remix)” Angus & Julia Stone
I had the pleasure of seeing Angus & Julia perform last week and I think they’d be really happy to hear this cool as a cucumber take on their floating coastline jammer. The Aussie siblings are as laid back and fun as you can get and I think Germany’s Lakechild has perfectly, unintentionally captured their spirit. The sun is shining bright, throw some shades on and go as far as you wanna go...

Full Chart. Groove on...

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