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Top Tropical House / Chill Music Vol. 7 - ­ New Electronic Music

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Top Tropical House / Chill Music Vol. 7 - ­ New Electronic Music

Troptober is here. We’re painting the palm trees red, orange and yellow and carving pineapples. While things cool down we’ve still got the summer’s heat pulsing through the speakers with one of the best lineups yet for this young chart. Let these slow burners melt away all the stresses in your life, breath deep the crisp autumn air and find your feet tapping and moving. Theres nothing better than enjoying life with music surrounding you and I promise this soundtrack will find you smiling like a ThomasJack-O-Lantern.

1. “Nights” La+ch
Even the palm trees are laying some groovy rootwork down to this misty cruiser. Instrumentalist and producer all in one, La+tch hits us from all angles layering synth effects, poppin drums and a vocal track that’s drenched in all sorts of late night funcisions. Very excited for the EP dropping early November from this emerging dark night dance inducer.

2. “Letting Go (Thomas Jack Remix)” Ben Sollee
The Jack is Back. He’s washed back up onto shore and keeps those long, mushy waves rollin in throughout this delicious radberry jam. I cannot wait to turn into a toucan and fly around The Fonda Theatre in LA this Friday watching him and Kygo serving up the hottest island flavors in tropical house. The Tropfathers are the real deal.

3. “Lover” Chet Faker x WKND
One of the hottest acts in music, Chet Faker, has graced our ears with a new cover collab with Germany’s phenom producer WKND. The 90’s hit by Sonia Dada is revamped with some fire in its soul and an absolutely heart melting vocal by the main man Chet. If you’ve never had a chance to see the Aussie live make plans to next time he’s in town.

4. “Little by Little (Lulleaux & George Whyman Remix)” Ulf Nillson
This sunkissed symphony by Lulleaux & George Whyman rolls along like a top down convertible ride on a crisp fall day. These Brozarts from the Netherlands and Germany treat us with a flourish of mesmerizing piano melodies and tasty licks of tropical favorites. The rustic vocals by Ulf Nillson make this song a perfect pair for a coastline cruise to your favorite pumpkin/pineapple patch.

5. “Diamonds feat. Solomon Grey” Lane 8, Anjunadeep
Mr. Daniel Goldstein aka Lane 8 and Australia’s smoldering duo Solomon Grey have gone to work in the mines and emerged with a glittering gem for all of us to get lost in. Its hypnotic spell drips with bouncy creeping synth and longing vocals that you can’t shake. Its a song that stays with you all day and takes you to a beautiful place in the dark wrapped up in a fierce love.

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6. “Open My Mind” Tom Misch
Soft white sheets, listening to the rain on the roof lounging. Theres not a much better feeling and although I’m enjoying this endless summer weather in Los Angeles I’m hoping to see some dark clouds so I can listen to this song just like that. Move over James Blake, the young London crooner Tom Misch is an absolute ripple in the musical waters and I want to soak in these phenomenal tunes til I’m pruney. His guitar plucks away behind a smooth workin beat before cascading into a roaring waterfall of pure soul rock. Holy Buckets this guy is good.

7. “One Last Time (Felix Jaehn feat. Chris Meid Remix)” Jaymes Young
You can sit at home and reminisce about that summertime feeling or you can go out and live it. I recommend a healthy dose of Vitamin Dance and this paint over by Felix Jaehn and Chris Meid is a beautiful mural of what the mai tai and pool noodle life is all about.

8. “Coast to Coast” J-Kraken

Although this song starts silky smooth don’t be fooled. The island you’re vacationing on erupts into a ripping tropidubstep toaster and gives you that energy you need to ride giants. This isn’t your typical tropical house track, nor is is the definition of chill but I think it deserves some major points for trying something new with the genre and doing a pretty darn good job evolving the sound into a refreshing romp in the sand.

9. “Luna Park (Radio Edit)” Sons of Maria, Enormous Tunes

Its all about that beach house and Sons of Maria is the finest sandy foot producers in the biz along with their Enormous Tunes sister Nora En Pure. This dreamscape vibe clings to you and sends you floating off into a wonderful place in the clouds. The roving synth and distorted hushed vocals blend and bend throughout the song with ease and its a fantastic track to finish off their upcoming EP dropping soon!

10. “Hold Me” Gold Fields
It may not be summer in the states but it is just kicking off in Australia and hometown boy Gold Fields welcomes it in with this sunshine state of mind groove. Go coconuts on the dancefloor to this electro beach bumper.

Check out the full chart here

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