Dee-Brief: Top Ten Hot Topics in EDM


Top Ten Afrojack

Dee-Brief has the Top Ten Most Talked About Topics In EDM.

Afrojack is Numero Uno with a his bad Twitter day, featuring Richie Hawtin, Steve Angello and … deadmau5.

Chicago Brian Duffy goes on a Molly Run with the cops.

Deadmau5 vs. Mickey Mouse battle continues with (hopefully not tree killing) response from Zimmerman’s camp.

Louis Diaz, Talent Buyer for Space Miami, The Opium Group and SLS Las Vegas is in at number 4.

#5 Mat Zo's admission that his radio show is ghost mixed.

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DJ Mag's Top 100 has the 2014 results. Does this really speak to who’s number one?

And a Russian website, courtesy of the KGB, kidding… hacked DJ Mag's Top 100 before the results were posted.

Hardwell Top Ten

Number 8 goes to Farmers by Hatsuke, which topped the Top DnB and Drumstep Songs Week 41.

Deadmau5 wins the bottom 100 DJs.

Boiler Room gifs are hilarious moments in time! You be the judge!

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