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Triple Threat DJs Take the Red Bull Culture Clash Crown!

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The battle was hard fought. The selections were amazing. The surprise guests were some of the best I’ve ever seen, and possibly the most controversial any Red Bull Music Academy Culture Clash may ever see…

The four diverse crews of Triple Threat DJs, dirtybird, Tormenta Tropical and Dub Mission all descended upon the Red Bull Culture Clash with their A-game. They all embraced the essence of the clash spectacularly. They stayed true to the fundamental cores of their collectives respectively, they definitely took some solid playful swipes at each other, and they put everything they had into the event in their respective pursuits for the title.

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Well, only one crew could be crowned the winner and without a doubt Triple Threat DJs earned it. This was no easy feat, let me tell you, because them dirtybird players, as well as the other crews, all went head to head, pound for pound, and it all came down to who won the heart of the crowd.

The special guest roster was breathtaking and it was well curated by the crews, and also VERY WELL hidden. Rumors and disinformation were rampant before the competition, and personally, I think it was great smoke and mirrors that only made the reveals that much bigger. Arguably the winner of the best special guests goes to dirtybird with huge appearances by Craze, Diplo & Walshy Fire of Major Lazer, Pharoahe Monch, Too $hort, and a very much discussed, debated, disputed, but Justin Martinly confirmed Daft Punk…

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Now, in order to win, Triple Threat DJs did a great job matching the salvos that were sent their way with an iconically and Bay Area definitive guest roster of Lyrics Born, Zumbi of Zion I, Souls of Mischief and legendary Crystal Waters who performed her classic ‘Gypsy Woman’.

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RedBull Music Academy SF Culture Clash 2014 Champions :: Triple Threat Djs sizzle from OpenLineMedia on Vimeo.

Fundamentally, the real winner was the Bay Area because it was laid bare how amazingly musical this wonderful part of the world is. There was nothing but fun, love and mutual respect with the competing crews. As expected the vibe was excellent. Everyone walking out of the event was all smiles and happy to chat about their favorite moment, and by god, if that's what truly happens when cultures clash, we need more of it on a daily basis I say!

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So some say it wasn’t, some say it was, but here’s the video, and you can decide for yourself if it was in fact those two elusive french robots coming in hot for the dirtybirds.

And check out the crews themselves before they got all clashed up! Top talents all coming together to show you all the wonderful creative sounds this place we call the Bay can make!

Triple Threat DJs

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Tormenta Tropical

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Dub Mission

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