"Troxler Tells It Like It Is" At Amsterdam Dance Event


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One man that never holds anything back behind the turntables or a microphone is Seth Troxler. Give him a keynote address at Amersterdam Dance Event and you know that's trouble... in only the best way.

At the "Troxler Tells It Like It Is" keynote at this year's ADE, the Detroit based DJ broke down the difference between commercial and underground EDM.

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We are different cultures, and we should stay different cultures. The underground is stronger than ever, and it can never defeated… And after all the commercialization of the past few years, I think people are really coming back to the idea of real truth in music, the deepness of that. That’s what will sustain it in the future.

Looking towards the future, Troxler goes on to ask:

“Who here will have the kind of balls to stand up for who we [the underground] really are, and to cherish those ideals? With the influx of wealth being poured into dance music, it’s easy to think all that glitters is gold, but will it really be such a cool place in the next ten to twenty years?”

His was said to be given a full house at Amsterdam Dance Event, an annual electronic music conference.

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