UK Study Finds Tough Laws Don't Deter Drug Use; Conservatives Try To Supress Results


UK  Study Finds Tough Laws Don't Deter Drug Use-

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A new study commissioned by the UK Government has determined that stricter penalties for drugs  does not stop recreational users from using drugs.

According to the Guardian, the study found "there is no evidence that tough enforcement of the drug laws on personal possession leads to lower levels of drug use, according to the UK government’s first evidence-based study."

They go on to write "Examining international drug laws, the groundbreaking Home Office document brings to an end 40 years of almost unbroken official political rhetoric that only harsher penalties can tackle the problem caused by the likes of heroin, cocaine or cannabis."

Additionally, the Guardian is reporting that "Norman Baker, the Liberal Democrat Home Office drugs minister, said the report, published on Thursday, had been suppressed not by the home secretary, Theresa May, but by the Conservatives."

The Conservatives have been strong proponents of using harsh drug laws as a method of reducing drug use, which was supported by the UK government's drug policy for the past 40 years.

Via: Mixmag

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