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Annie Mac Wants Journalists To Stop Asking Her About Being A Woman DJ


Annie Mac Wants Journalists To Stop Asking Her About Being A Woman DJ

It's a pretty polarizing topic in the scene today- women DJs. On one side, many say we need to address the under-representation of women in EDM, and the sexism those that do brave the decks face.

The other side seems to feel the opposite- women should be treated no differently then men - they have all the same opportunities as men, and if they have the skills they will get recognized.

It seems as though Annie Mac, a prominent BBC DJ, is part of the latter, as she went on Vice's Thump to discuss how she's sick of being asked/reminded that she's an female DJ, and not just a DJ in interviews.

She writes "Recently I did an interview for a reputable dance music magazine in which the journalist asked me what it was like to be a mum and a DJ. Then he asked me what it was like to be pregnant and a DJ..." it goes on from there, but you get the idea.

She continues the post by answering by what she terms as the "last time" about being a female DJ. Here are some excerpts:

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What’s it like to be a female DJ in this male dominated world? Do you ever experience sexism?
I hate to break it to you but I’ve never experienced sexism; from promoters or punters. If anything, at the start of my career when I was still an up-and-coming DJ, people seemed to be delighted that I was a woman out there doing my thing. There still always seems to be a row of curious and smiling girls at the front of my gigs and I love that. Not one male DJ has ever made me feel different or small because of my gender

Are you just trying to "support women" by recommending two female artists?
Believe it or not, it is possible to talk about two female artists without being tokenistic. There are countless female artists and female DJs who are quietly achieving all their dreams without using their gender as a tool. I have often been asked to play novelty all girl DJ line-ups and I’ve always had problems with it because I don’t want to be asked about being a girl, I don’t want to be a “token" booking.  In the same way, I don’t support those female artists because they’re female but because they’re brilliant and compelling and inspiring and talented. And I will continue to support them, like I love and support the male ones, without considering their gender in the process.

Why aren’t there more female DJs?
There are shit loads of female DJs. Open your eyes. And your ears. They are coming through like wildfire. When you meet them, please for the love of God don’t ask them about being female.

So what are your thoughts? Should we discuss sexism in EDM openly, or is it fairly non-existent, and just let the skills do the talking.

Via: Thump
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