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Best Tropical House / Chill Music Week 48 - ­ New Electronic Music

Top Tropical House / Chill Music Week 48 - ­ New Electronic Music

You have a lot of troptions for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday feast and we have a new top tropical and chill chart for the ultimate menu. These tracks are all gravy and will butter your bread to get you rollin on through the holidays. Unlike your family this playlist is gonna drive you mentally chill so be thankful for that. These melodic munchies will have you wishboneing for seconds and thirds most definitely; its the stuffing dreams are made of. Be careful of eating too much turkey or all that Troptophan will have you yearning for the cool side of the chillow. Gobble and wobble while you carve up the dancefloor with flavorful footturk. Now everyone say BASS and stuff ya face.

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QUICK NOTE: The full playlist can be found at the bottom of this article if you just wanna jam all the way through! Enjoy

1. “Glide” Melvv
A group of your best friends piled into a VW Westy, a roadmap to everywhere and nowhere, a coastline journey through Big Sur, Santa Cruz, and roads unknown. Beautiful creatures and wild antics under the blue skies and in the blue waters of California. If you’ve never wandered west I highly recommend you do, one adventure can change a lot and something about this song captures that free untamable spirit. Maybe its because it’s composer is a 17-year-old young man from Wisconsin with a sharp ear for melody and the power of delicate instrumentals among strong synthscapes. The strings and piano that float in at the end are a nice touch and I certainly hope if Melvv reads this he takes my advice and gets the heck over here to live the life he so perfectly summed up in a song.

2. “Cat Call” Tropicool & Peitzke
LA’s Tropicool has gone and did done it. The moustachio’d man behind some of the finest sunburnt mixtapes in the genre has paired up with CA composer bud Peitzke for an original supersoaker that will require turndown service before the sun goes down. Its got a womping wave over the top to keep things funky and misbehaving and is flush with touches of unique blips, vibey vocals and ‘lectronic licks to melt you into your sandy shoes. Just be careful where you bring this song, it might impregnate your girlfriend.

3. “Netzwerk (Falls Like Rain) (Zwette Remix)” Klangkarussell
One of my favorite songs of the year gets stripped down in all the right ways with a commissioned retouch by Zwette. All the best pieces of the original take their turn seducing, leading you through different vignettes of island beauties with big beautiful eyes shining in the summer sun. I didn’t think I’d find a remix of this track that could hold its own but the German producer has done this hit justice and breathed a new luscious life into it.

4. “Hot Skin” Sam Feldt & Kav Verhouzer, Spinnin’ Records
Ohhh Yes. I’m all about this life. Sam Feldt and Kav Verhouzer have enriched our ears with a sexy, funky clothing remover that feeds our appetite for summer love and bad behavior. The melodic piano melodies, echoing percussive rumblings and embracing sunkissed chorus is everything we love about the warm days and long nights with friends and lovers. Turn it up, turn it on and turn into a dancing pink starburst.

5. “Beware The Dog (Autograf Remix)” The Griswolds
I don’t know what it is about this song but I can’t stop freaking listening to it. It sticks out among the throng of melodic/tropical house tracks that cascade out of the musicsphere these days. Maybe its the odd but pleasantly perfect song choice to remix, maybe its the hot temperature tempo thats got me two step twirling and moving, maybe I’m just a sucker for pictures of french bulldog puppies in hawaiian shirts. I really couldn’t tell you. Just hit play so we can both be enjoying it at the same time because its been on repeat for 24 hours and I don’t see that stopping anytime soon.

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6. “Meridian” Zola Blood
The vibeage is strong with this one. Alt-J and TV on the Radio have some competition with the UK’s Zola Blood coming in hot as a monkey in a pepper field. These guys lay it all out on their tracks with a tight percussive production sound that is mesmerizing and makes me desperate to see it played live. The trio has yet to go on the road with this venture but I can see it making the rounds in the 2015 festival circuit without a doubt. This is one of their more mellow tracks on the same titled EP but it still trickles down your body and electrifies your insides out.

7. Follow” Mary J. Blige & Disclosure
The Brit Boys and my bae Mary J. That’s all I should have to say about that. Press play and get consumed with everything that is right about music. I think these two acts win for best collab combo of the year after their redux of ‘F For You’ and this future garage funkifier.

8. “Let It Go (Boehm Remix)” James Bay
James Bay has got one of those wooing waling set of pipes that pairs nicely with almost anything, but the troppings that Boehm has added to this already delicious bite is Anthony Shoredain worthy. The bongos and simple beachy guitar plucks flow through the core of this vacation varietal and should get anyone excited for some laid back time off in the next few weeks. I want to know if Boehm ripped up that sax bit himself because that is some finely played brass. Even if you’re not traveling somewhere with warm white sand and tranquil turquoise water you can still have a slice of the good life.

9. “Savanna (Keljet Remix)” Tobtok, Kitsune Maison
Sweden’s Tobotok has bassline boomed into the scene with a disco power jam EP out on our favorites Kitsune Maison. The funkification fortifier duo Keljet turn things up a hot notch keeping the powerful River’s siren song voice breaking hearts and sassin the place up. Its got a great attitude and will definitely overtake you upon first listen. Just go with it and let me see those power moves.

10. “Quiet Nights” Catching Flies
Some of the greatest have sung and played this song throughout the eras of music. One of the founders of the bossa nova genre Antonio Carlos Jobim wrote the glowing ballad that has since been performed by Frank Sinatra, Stan Getz and Diana Krall. Its the romance of the night, floating in the arms of your kindred spirit, dancing in each others eyes. Catching Flies has evolved the song to a modern mellow beauty with a refreshing touch that feels new but classic. The acoustic opening gives it a folkish flavor that grows into a chill house melter with experimental piano overlays that are placed oh so perfectly.

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Photo Cred: Liz England

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