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Did Caked Up 'Copy & Paste' Jackal's "Chinchilla" Drop?

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Did Caked Up 'Copy & Paste' Jackal's "Chinchilla" Drop?

Did Caked Up 'Copy & Paste' Jackal's "Chinchilla" Drop?

It looks like Caked Up has just been called out on twitter for stealing Jackal's "Chinchilla" drop. It all started today on Twitter, when Jackal's friend G Jones went on twitter and said:

Caked Up responded pretty quickly, calling out G Jones for jumping the gun, saying the mix was a bootleg:

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And that they gave Jackal on an earlier tweet, screen shot below:

Ok so here's the deal- bootlegs, mashup and re-edits are a part of EDM culture, and there is nothing wrong with that. Hell, if you are producing them you are actively contributing to the scene.

But, bros, you gotta credit the original producer properly, especially if you're gonna "release" the song in any way, shape, or form. It's quite simple really, all Caked Up needed to do was put "Chinchilla" or Jackal in the title- boom problem solved.

We highly doubt they were trying to pull a fast one on people, they just got a little lazy on the citation. Just give credit where credit is due and we're all good.

Take a listen for yourself:

At least they didn't put out the same song thrice.

Via: YourEDM (cited properly)

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